Posted On: Apr 5, 2023

The AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) service controller for Amazon MemoryDB for Redis is now generally available. Customers can provision and manage MemoryDB resources using the ACK service controller.

Amazon MemoryDB for Redis is a Redis-compatible, durable, in-memory database service that is purpose built for modern applications with microservices architectures. It is well suited for applications requiring ultra-fast performance, high availability, durability and security making it ideal for containerized workloads. ACK service controller for MemoryDB aims to simplify provisioning and managing your database by enabling you to define and use MemoryDB resources directly from your Kubernetes cluster. This lets you take advantage of MemoryDB to support your Kubernetes applications without needing to define MemoryDB resources outside of the cluster or run and manage in-memory database capabilities within the cluster.

To get started using ACK, visit the documentation page. To learn more, visit the Amazon MemoryDB product page. If you have any questions or feature requests, you can email the team at: