Amazon MemoryDB for Redis

Redis-compatible, durable, in-memory database service for ultra-fast performance

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How it works

Amazon MemoryDB for Redis is a durable database with microsecond reads, low single-digit millisecond writes, scalability, and enterprise security. MemoryDB delivers 99.99% availability and near instantaneous recovery without any data loss.

Use cases

Build web and mobile applications

Simplify application development and improve time-to-market with built-in access to flexible data structures that are available in Redis open source.

Quickly access customer data

Deliver personalized customer experiences and manage user profiles, preferences, and inventory tracking with microsecond read and single-digit millisecond writes.

Develop online games

Build player data stores, session history, and leaderboards for gaming applications that require massive scale, low latency, and high concurrency to make real-time updates.

Stream media and entertainment

Run high concurrency streaming data feeds to ingest user activity and support millions of requests per day for media and entertainment applications.

How to get started

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Explore the basics of creating and using a MemoryDB cluster.

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Check out the MemoryDB user guides to get started.

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