Amazon Q in Connect now recommends step-by-step guides

Posted on: Jun 28, 2024

Amazon Q in Connect, a generative-AI powered assistant for contact center agents, now recommends step-by-step guides in real-time, which agents use to quickly take action to resolve customers' issues. Amazon Q in Connect uses the real-time conversation with a customer to detect the customer's intent and provides a guided workflow that leads an agent through each step needed to solve the issue, reducing handle time and increasing first contact resolution rates and customer satisfaction. For example, when a customer contacts a financial services company, Amazon Q in Connect analyzes the conversation and detects the customer wants to open a retirement plan. Amazon Q in Connect then provides the agent with a guide that enables the agent to collect the necessary information, deliver the required disclosures, and automatically open the account. To learn more about Amazon Q in Connect, please visit the website or see the help documentation.