Amazon Q in Connect

Deliver agents the responses, actions, and information they need to solve issues in real-time

Amazon Q in Connect, an evolution of Amazon Connect Wisdom, uses generative AI to deliver agents suggested responses and actions to address customer questions, providing faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction. Knowledge articles, wikis, and FAQs can be spread across separate repositories, and agents waste time trying to navigate all of these different sources of information. In the meantime, the customer waits for an answer. Amazon Q in Connect leverages the real-time conversation with the customer, along with relevant company content to automatically recommend what to say or what actions an agent should take to better assist customers. With Amazon Q, agents can also use natural language to search across connected knowledge sources to receive generated responses, recommended actions, and links to more information.

Deliver real-time reccomendations

Deliver real-time, generative AI-powered recommendations

Amazon Q in Connect uses conversational analytics and natural language processing (NLP) to automatically detect customer issues and leverages generative AI to provide agents real-time responses and recommended actions, with quick access to relevant knowledge articles and documents. Agents can also search for information to solve customer requests, and Amazon Q uses generative AI to summarize relevant articles into a concise solution.

Ingest your data with build-in connectors

Easily ingest your data with built-in connectors

Connect content from your knowledge repositories with built-in connectors for third-party applications and AWS services including Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Microsoft SharePoint online, and Amazon S3.

Embed agent assistance anywhere

Access agent assistance quickly

Agents can access Amazon Q directly within the Amazon Connect agent workspace or within your own agent desktop.


Traeger Grills

Orbit Irrigation is a manufacturer and supplier of home and commercial irrigation systems. 

“In order to resolve customers’ questions, our agents spend 2-3 minutes per interaction searching through several different sources of knowledge, including Orbit product pages, customer account pages, and internal knowledge forums. This multistep process adds time to the interactions for agents and customers. The new responses automatically generated at each turn of the customer conversation by Amazon Q in Connect are tailored based on our own knowledge base articles. Amazon Q in Connect will create 10-15% time savings on every contact, and the increased number of calls handled every hour is expected to translate directly into costs savings for Orbit—all done with improved customer sentiment.“ 

Brian Dick, senior manager of Customer Care at Orbit Irrigation

Traeger Grills

Traeger Grills is a leading provider of smokers, grills, and barbeque products.

“As we have grown our customer base and diversified our product offerings, one of our biggest challenges has been in providing our agents and supervisors with the right information at the right time to increase customer satisfaction. Amazon Connect’s new generative AI features have shown great promise in testing at our contact center. In the future, we envision these features will enable our agents and supervisors to focus on delivering premiere customer experiences. We anticipate  Amazon Q in Connect will improve agent efficiency by 20% by providing agents with generated responses and actions that are specific to customer needs. By concisely summarizing important information from customer conversations using Amazon Connect Contact Lens in a structured, easy-to-read format, supervisors will no longer need to invest valuable time in listening to entire call recordings or reading detailed transcripts.“ 

Corey Savory, vice president of Customer Experience and Service, Traeger Grills.


Q: How can I learn more about Amazon Connect?

To learn more about Amazon Connect, click here.

Q: Did Amazon Q in Connect replace Amazon Connect Wisdom?

Yes, Amazon Q in Connect includes real-time agent assist functionality formerly available as Amazon Connect Wisdom, along with generative AI-powered recommended responses and actions, with links to more information. Existing Amazon Connect Wisdom customers can try Amazon Q in Connect by creating a new Amazon Q Assistant (Domain) in the Amazon Connect console, or by reaching out to their account team to upgrade their existing Wisdom Assistant.

Q: How much does Amazon Q in Connect cost?

To review the pricing information for Amazon Q in Connect please visit:

Q: Do I need to have Amazon Connect Contact Lens for real-time recommendations?

Amazon Connect Contact Lens is required to use Amazon Q in Connect real-time recommendations during calls. Contact Lens is not required to use Amazon Q in Connect with chats.

Q: Do I need Contact Lens to use Amazon Q in Connect's search capabilities in my agent workspace?

No. Contact Lens is not required to use Amazon Q in Connect's search capabilities. You can search Amazon Q from the Amazon Connect agent workspace or embed it in your own agent workspace.

Q: Does Amazon Q in Connect use Amazon Bedrock for generative AI?

Amazon Q in Connect is an out-of-the-box feature in Amazon Connect that leverages Amazon Bedrock to generate suggested responses and actions from your company’s content, with no coding required. This approach helps contact centers leverage the power of generative AI without building their own models or having expertise in AI.

Regions Available: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Europe (London), Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS regions.

Note: Amazon Connect instances in Europe (London) leverage Amazon Bedrock in Europe (Frankfurt). Connect instances in Asia Pacific (Sydney) leverage Amazon Bedrock in Asia Pacific (Tokyo). All other Amazon Connect instances leverage Amazon Bedrock in their respective regions. 



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