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Innovating the Contact Center Experience with Amazon Connect Service and Software Offerings

Amazon Connect Partners can help you procure, design, deploy, operate, migrate, integrate, and scale an omnichannel cloud contact center with Amazon Connect to provide superior customer service at a lower cost. You administer your own system and have the freedom to work with any of our below partners to innovate your customer experience.

Service offerings: Validated through the AWS Service Delivery Program enables AWS customers to identify AWS Partners with experience and a deep understanding of Amazon Connect. These AWS Partners follow best practices with Amazon Connect and have proven success delivering AWS services to customers.  

Software offerings: Amazon Connect Service Ready partners solutions offer AWS customers value added and supported products that not just extend the native functionality of Amazon Connect but also enhance the contact center overall. These partnerships produce optimized solutions that are validated through the AWS Service Ready Program by AWS Partner Solution Architects to ensure customers have a consistent, reliable experience with Amazon Connect.

The AWS Service Delivery and and AWS Service Ready Programs enable AWS customers to identify AWS Partners experience and a deep understanding of specific AWS services, as well as software solutions. These partners have passed a rigorous technical validation to ensure they are following best practices with AWS Connect, as well as demonstrated proven customer success.

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Drive innovation, meet business objectives, and get the most out of your AWS services by partnering with technically validated AWS Partners.

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