Dynamic and personal contact flows

As a non-technical user, you can easily create customer interactions, or “contact flows”, using the Contact Flow Engine – accessed via the graphical interface. You can identify information such as past purchases, contact history, and customer tendencies, which can be used to anticipate end-customer needs and deliver answers to questions before they are even asked.

Skills-based routing

To minimize wait times and ensure an end customer gets the answer they need, it is important to route them to the right agent. With skills-based routing, Amazon Connect ensures contacts are sent to the right agent based on their availability and appropriate skill set to efficiently resolve the issue.

Real-time and historic metrics

Operational efficiency for a contact center is driven by factors like the number of calls taken per month, average time on hold, and the number of calls in the queue at one time. Amazon Connect provides a visual dashboard with customizable real-time and historical metrics. This enables your contact center manager to make data-driven decisions to increase agent productivity and reduce customer wait times. Historical metrics also provide longer-term insights to identify common trends with customer issues and overall operational performance.

Natural language chatbots using Amazon Lex

You can build natural language contact flows using Amazon Lex, an AI service that has the same automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology and natural language understanding (NLU) that powers Amazon Alexa.

AI Powered Speech Analytics

The AI Powered Speech Analytics for Amazon Connect solution combines AWS AI Services to help you get started with speech to text transcription, translation into preferred languages, and sentiment analysis to gain insights for agents and supervisors, all in real-time.

Outbound calling

Amazon Connect lets you make calls programmatically using the outbound contact API. You can schedule automated calls for appointment reminders, like doctor appointments and payment due notifications. You can also trigger automated notification calls in response to events, like notifying a customer about credit card fraud on their account. In addition, you can use the outbound contact API to initiate calls from other applications, such as CRM systems, using specific contact flows to inform customers about important information, such as when a service outage occurs.

High quality audio

Sound quality in a call impacts productivity and can lead to wasted time and frustrated end customers. With Amazon Connect, calls are made over the Internet from a computing device like a PC, using the Amazon Connect softphone. The Amazon Connect softphone delivers high-quality sound, is resistant to packet loss, and provides 16kHz audio to ensure a high quality call experience. Amazon Connect also comes with integrated call recording for agent performance assessment.


Amazon Connect comes with pre-built integrations to popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. There is also an API that can be used to build custom integrations. You can use Amazon Connect with Workforce Management (WFM) suites for agent performance tracking, staffing forecasting and management. Amazon Connect also works with other AWS services like Amazon S3 and Amazon Kinesis for storing recorded calls or streaming detailed contact records in real-time to a data warehouse to merge with business intelligence systems for further analysis.

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