Amazon Connect Agent Workspace

Empower agents with a unified experience, including guided step-by-step actions

Amazon Connect agent workspace is a single, intuitive application that provides your agents with all of the tools and step-by-step guidance they need to resolve issues efficiently, improve customer experiences, and onboard faster. Contact center agents might be required to use more than seven applications to manage each customer interaction, digging through various tools to process simple requests, and frustrating customers on hold. Amazon Connect agent workspace integrates all of your agent tools on one screen. You can customize the workspace to present agents with step-by-step guidance to resolve customer issues faster.

Display everything in a single agent experience

With Amazon Connect agent workspace, contact center managers can provide agents with a single, unified application for all their tools. When agents accept calls, chats, and tasks, they can view updated customer information, search knowledge articles and receive real-time recommendations, manage complex issues and cases, and use step-by-step next action guidance to resolve customer issues quickly. The agent workspace delivers these features and is extensible with your existing applications.

Guide agents to faster resolutions

Guide your agents to resolve customer issues quickly and accurately by automatically identifying customer issues and recommending appropriate actions to take with step-by-step guides. You can create guides that walk agents through tailored views, which focus on what needs to be reviewed or done by the agent at a given moment during an interaction. You can design workflows for various types of customer interactions and present agents with different step-by-step guides based on context such as call queue, customer information, and interactive voice response (IVR).

Design your agent workflows easily

With no coding, you can present the right information to your agents without requiring any backend work. Contact center managers can use the Amazon Connect drag-and-drop interface, Flows, to easily design and modify agent workflows. Flows uses the same building blocks as contact routing, meaning that you can seamlessly pass customer context from your IVR and chatbots to your agents while needing to learn how to use only one tool.


“Today, Amazon Connect is integrated into our homegrown agent desktop to assist agents as they help our customers with inquiries about workplace benefits and claims. Now that Amazon Connect has embedded step-by-step guides directly in the Amazon Connect agent workspace, we can sunset our current tool and reduce IT development costs for agent desktops by 15-20%. As we implement more use cases, guides will enable us to organize workflows for our agents, helping them seamlessly identify customers, disposition contacts, and add notes in one screen instead of five. Because guides use Amazon Connect’s drag-and-drop flows builder, our managers will be able to easily design, deploy, and modify workflows to innovate our agent experience more quickly than we can with our current tool.”

Roshan Ramamoorthy, AVP - IT Delivery, Unum


Q: How can I learn more about Amazon Connect?
To learn more about Amazon Connect, see the Amazon Connect details page.

Q: How will my agents use the agent workspace?
By using the same login credentials as Amazon Connect, agents can log in to the agent workspace to get immediate access to every agent feature (Contact Control Panel, Customer Profiles, Cases, Voice ID). When a call, chat, or task comes in, any enabled feature will automatically surface contextually relevant views, such as who is the customer, what is their problem, and solutions to that problem, which helps the agent resolve issues faster. Every Amazon Connect instance comes with the agent workspace enabled by default. To help your agents log in, see the Amazon Connect agent workspace Administrator Guide.

Q: What kind of applications can I integrate into the agent workspace?
Using Amazon Connect flows, you are able to integrate native and third-party application data from disparate systems into a single agent workspace.

Q: What is the difference between the agent workspace and the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel?
The Contact Control Panel (CCP) is enabled, by default, within the agent workspace. The CCP is a web-based application that contact center agents can use to manage calls, chats, and tasks.

Q. How do I set up a step-by-step guide?
You can create custom workflows and step-by-step guides for your agent workspace by using the Amazon Connect no-code, drag-and-drop interface. For more details, see the Admininstrator Guide.

Q: When are relevant step-by-step guides triggered and presented to your agents?
In your contact flows, you determine which guides are shown to an agent under specified conditions. For example, you can surface Guide A for your agents every time a contact comes through Queue A. Alternatively, you can surface specific guides depending on different IVR inputs. Configuration is customizable for your business needs.

Regions available:
US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Canada (Central), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (Frankfurt), and Europe (London). We support step-by-step guides in the same Regions as the agent workspace except for Africa (Cape Town).

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Learn more about Amazon Connect

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