Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns

Create high volume ML-powered outbound campaigns in just a few clicks

With Amazon Connect outbound campaigns, you can proactively communicate across voice, SMS, and email to quickly serve your customers and improve agent productivity, while supporting compliance with local regulations. Using the Amazon Connect admin console, create campaigns to contact up to millions of customers daily for handling appointment reminders, marketing promotions, deliveries, and billing reminders. Specify the contact list, channel, message, and even pre-recorded audio to play before connecting customers to agents for live service. Outbound campaigns includes a predictive dialer and machine learning (ML)–powered answering machine detection that optimize agent productivity and increase live-party connections by not wasting agents’ time with unanswered calls. With outbound campaigns, you can simplify outbound contact center operations and reduce costs in a few clicks, all without needing to build or maintain third-party integrations.

Getting Started with Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns (7:04)
Simplify cross-channel voice, SMS, and email communications at scale

Simplify cross-channel voice, SMS, and email communications at scale

Design proactive customer outreach campaigns using voice, SMS, and email, or blend campaign outreach across channels. Outbound campaigns can handle millions of contacts daily, so you can reach more customers, improving campaign results.

Support contact center compliance

Support contact center compliance

Maintain compliance with local regulations such as TCPA by configuring your campaigns for regulatory requirements, such as point-of-dial checks and calling controls for time of day, time zone, number of attempts per contact, and time required to connect to an available agent. Measure and monitor compliance metrics for regulatory requirements. Outbound campaigns is eligible for compliance by PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC, and ISO regulatory audit.

Design advanced outbound campaigns

Design advanced outbound campaigns

Easily create campaigns based on customer context and preferred choice of channels. Architect multi-step cross-channel interactions, such as triggering an outbound SMS follow-up based on a call, for a more proactive customer experience.

Maximize outbound productivity

Maximize outbound productivity

Use predictive dialing to improve agents’ productivity so they don't wait for a successful connection. ML-powered answering machine and human voice detection ensure agents spend their time only on calls with live customers.

Remove the need for third-party integrations

Remove the need for third-party integrations

Handle all your inbound and outbound campaign needs in one application. With Amazon Connect, setup can be done in a few clicks.


Scott Credit Union

Scott Credit Union helps its nearly 150,000 members, including individuals and businesses, save and borrow money.

“We needed a way to contact our members with outbound calls that matched specific criteria from our collections systems. Working with TekChoice, we implemented Amazon Connect outbound campaigns in less than 3 months. This fast, comprehensive implementation enabled us to continue our weekly member outreach after we learned that support was ending for our previous system. With Amazon outbound campaigns using ML-powered answering machine detection, we can verify if a member was contacted by seeing if a call is answered by a person, ended in a voicemail, or received no answer. We also use natural language processing capabilities of Amazon Connect to make automated conversations sound more lifelike and create an immersive, natural telephone banking experience for our members.”

Carla Lambrecht, Chief Information Officer - Scott Credit Union

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Q: How can I learn more about Amazon Connect?

For more information, see Amazon Connect.

Q: How much does Amazon Connect outbound campaigns cost?

For outbound campaigns pricing information, see Amazon Connect pricing.

Q: How does Amazon Connect outbound campaigns support compliance?

Outbound campaigns provides native Amazon Connect features to support local compliance regulations out of the box. Use do-not-call lists to prevent calling customers, and set “quiet time” controls, based on time of day, day of week, or holiday, when you want to avoid calling customers. Configure the maximum call attempts, and speed up time to connect a customer to an agent by disabling answering machine detection.

Q: What metrics are available in Amazon Connect outbound campaigns to track performance?

Outbound campaigns provides both real-time and historical metrics to analyze campaign performance for voice, SMS, and email in the Amazon Connect analytics dashboard. Contact center managers can track completion percentage, communications sent, and calls answered or messages opened by customers. Voice-specific metrics include contact completion percentage, number of agents active, number of agents available, real-time predictive dial rate, average time to connect to an agent, and average call handle times. Customers can create metrics to calculate the time to connect a customer to an agent per call, by campaign, and by time period. Email-specific metrics include open and click rates. Contact center managers can drill in from the campaign summary metrics to analyze performance of routing profiles, queues, and individual agents. Historical metrics for completed campaigns, which contain the complete set of metrics included in the real-time set, are available for analysis and export from the Amazon Connect UI. These historical metrics can be filtered by channel (for voice, SMS, and email), agent queue (only for voice at launch since agents don’t send SMS and emails), agent routing profile (only for voice at launch since agents don’t send SMS and emails), and time period.

Q: Can Amazon Connect outbound campaigns integrate with other contact center products?

Native to Amazon Connect, outbound campaigns will work only with your Amazon Connect cloud contact center.

Regions available: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Canada (Central), Europe (London), Europe (Frankfurt).

Countries available for voice calling: Outbound campaign calls can be made to customers in the US, UK, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. For more information about campaign calling to destination countries from supporting AWS Regions, see outbound campaigns in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide.

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