AWS Lambda

Run code without thinking about servers or clusters

1 million requests free 

per month with the AWS Free Tier

Run code without provisioning or managing infrastructure. Simply write and upload code as a .zip file or container image.

Automatically respond to code execution requests at any scale, from a dozen events per day to hundreds of thousands per second.

Save costs by paying only for the compute time you use—by per-millisecond—instead of provisioning infrastructure upfront for peak capacity.

Optimize code execution time and performance with the right function memory size. Respond to high demand in double-digit milliseconds with Provisioned Concurrency.

How it works

AWS Lambda is a serverless, event-driven compute service that lets you run code for virtually any type of application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers. You can trigger Lambda from over 200 AWS services and software as a service (SaaS) applications, and only pay for what you use.
  • File processing
  • Use Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to trigger AWS Lambda data processing in real time after an upload, or connect to an existing Amazon EFS file system to enable massively parallel shared access for large-scale file processing.

  • Stream processing
  • Use AWS Lambda and Amazon Kinesis to process real-time streaming data for application activity tracking, transaction order processing, clickstream analysis, data cleansing, log filtering, indexing, social media analysis, IoT device data telemetry, and metering.

  • Web applications
  • Combine AWS Lambda with other AWS services to build powerful web applications that automatically scale up and down and run in a highly available configuration across multiple data centers.

  • IoT backends
  • Build serverless backends using AWS Lambda to handle web, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and third-party API requests.

  • Mobile backends
  • Build backends using AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway to authenticate and process API requests. Use AWS Amplify to easily integrate your backend with your iOS, Android, Web, and React Native frontends.

Use cases

Process data at scale

Execute code at the capacity you need, as you need it. Scale to match your data volume automatically and enable custom event triggers.

Run interactive web and mobile backends

Combine AWS Lambda with other AWS services to create secure, stable, and scalable online experiences.

Enable powerful ML insights

Preprocess data before feeding it to your machine learning (ML) model. With Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) access, AWS Lambda handles infrastructure management and provisioning to simplify scaling.


Create event-driven applications

Build event-driven functions for easy communication between decoupled services. Reduce costs by running applications during times of peak demand without crashing or over-provisioning resources.

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