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Validated for following best practices with AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda Partners help you build services and applications without provisioning or managing servers. AWS Lambda Delivery Partners help you to build or migrate solutions to a microservices architecture running on serverless computing. AWS Lambda Ready Partners provide developer tooling solutions validated by AWS serverless experts against the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

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AWS Partner Network

AWS Service Validation Programs Driving Value for Your Business

AWS Service Delivery Program

The AWS Service Delivery Program enables AWS customers to identify AWS Consulting Partners with experience and a deep understanding of specific AWS services. These AWS Partners follow best practices for AWS services and have proven success delivering AWS services to customers.

AWS Service Ready Program

The AWS Service Ready Program helps AWS customers find the right technology to integrate with their current technology stack. AWS Service Ready Partners have demonstrated success building products integrated with AWS services, helping AWS customers evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale and varying levels of complexity.

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AWS Partners validated through the AWS Service Delivery and AWS Service Ready Programs have developed the offerings listed below to help you adopt and implement our services at scale. These AWS Partner offerings have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success.

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Using serverless tooling from Stackery and AWS, MasterStream slashed its DevOps and management costs by up to 90% while increasing speed and scalability. Learn how the adoption of AWS Lambda and Stackery’s monitoring and troubleshooting solutions led to gains in performance, reliability, and durability. Read the case study or watch the Fireside Chat webinar.

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The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global community of Partners who leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers.

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AWS Consulting Partners who join the AWS Service Delivery program benefit from increased visibility to AWS customers and AWS teams, better connections, and deeper learning.

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AWS Technology Partners who join the AWS Service Ready program benefit from increased visibility to AWS customers and AWS teams, better connections, and deeper learning.