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Developer Guide
Read our technical documentation on using AWS Lambda

"Hello, World!" tutorial
Build an AWS Lambda function in 10 minutes

Serverless web app tutorial
Learn how to build a serverless web application

AWS Serverless Application Repository
Find and deploy code samples, components, and complete applications

Top resources for Businesses

Serverless: Changing the Face of Business Economics - a Venture Capitalist and Startup Perspective

Optimizing Enterprise Economics with Serverless Architectures

Thomson Reuters Case Study
Serverless data processing for web analytics


Workshops & Tutorials

Below you will find step-by-step tutorials on getting started with building your first serverless application.

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of running code on AWS Lambda without provisioning or managing servers.

Everything done in this tutorial is Free Tier eligible.

In this learning path, you'll deploy a simple web application that enables users to request unicorn rides from the Wild Rydes fleet.

In this workshop you'll explore approaches for processing data using serverless architectures. To build this infrastructure, you will use AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Athena.

Webinars & Talks

Below you will find re:Invent talks and webinars on serverless topics and use cases.

Getting started serverless
Getting Started with Serverless Computing using AWS Lambda

We will introduce you to the basics of building with Lambda and show how you can benefit from features such as continuous scaling, no server management, and built-in high availability.

Nat Geo Microservices
Designing Microservices with Serverless

We will show you how to achieve flexibility and agility by combining microservices and serverless technologies. In addition, National Geographic will share how it built its NG1 platform using a serverless, microservices architecture.

What's New in Serverless

You'll learn about the latest feature releases from AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and more. You will also hear from FICO about how it is using serverless computing for its predictive analytics and data science platform.

Customer Case Studies

Below you will find Customer Case Studies and learn how other enterprises accelerated their business using AWS Lambda.

Thomson Reuters uses a serverless architecture to process up to 4,000 events per second for its usage analytics service. The service reliably handles spikes of twice its normal traffic and has high durability. The company deployed the service into production in only five months using AWS.

iRobot, a leading global consumer robot company and the maker of the internet-connected Roomba robotic vacuum, is building the next generation of connected devices for the smart home using a serverless architecture. The iRobot platform, based on AWS Lambda and AWS IoT, is managed by fewer than 10 people.

FINRA is a not-for-profit organization that oversees securities broker-dealers in the United States. By using AWS Lambda, FINRA is able to analyze 75 billion market events every day to identify fraud and insider trading.

Customer Testimonials

Below you will find testimonials on how customers have implemented and benefited from a serverless approach and AWS Lambda.

Customer Talks

Below you will find technical deep dives from companies themselves and learn how they solved their business challenges with AWS Lambda.

Learn how the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) built and secured a data warehouse and a front-end API using Cognito, API Gateway, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda Functions, Redshift, Elasticsearch, ElastiCache, RDS, and EMR in just 5 month. It stores 20 years of historical data, and is accessible through web clients and an API.

By combining microservices and serverless technologies, you can achieve ultimate flexibility and agility, while greatly reducing operational overhead and cost. National Geographic will share how it built its content personalization NG1 platform using a serverless, microservices architecture. 

AWS Step Functions makes it easy to coordinate AWS Lambda functions. In this session, we’ll present a series of innovative applications of state machines from all sorts of customers. Guest-star Coca-Cola will show how they used Step Functions to support vending loyalty programs and product nutrition syndication.

Reference Architectures

Below you will find Reference Architectures that offer deep insights into how AWS Lambda can be used to create serverless architectures and applications.

Twitch Sessions

Below you will find recordings of our Twitch workshops and live coding sessions.

Serverless Bytes: Get started with AWS Lambda

In this getting started workshop you'll learn how to develop, debug, and deploy an AWS Lambda function with our serverless developer tools like Cloud9.

Build on Serverless: Python Crypto Project

In this advanced live coding session our serverless experts will build a crypto python project based on serverless architecture.

Serverless Bytes: Build a serverless data processing app

In this workshop you'll learn how to stream image data from Twitter using Amazon Kinesis and AWS Lambda, and analyze them with Amazon Rekognition.


Below you will find selected articles from our AWS Blogs which deal with news, use cases, and best practices for serverless architecture.

See more AWS Lambda tips, best practices, and tutorials from the following blogs:

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