View technical talks on developing and running serverless applications built with AWS Lambda or Amazon API Gateway. The main categories are Getting Started, Use Cases, Security, Best Practices, and Development Practices.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Serverless Computing using AWS Lambda

We will introduce you to the basics of building with Lambda and show how you can benefit from features such as continuous scaling, no server management, and built-in high availability.

Tips and Tricks for Building and Deploying Serverless Apps In Minutes

Learn how to quickly deploy a serverless application using sample code and templates from the AWS Serverless Application Repository. We will walk through how to get started in this tech talk.

What's New in Serverless

You'll learn about the latest feature releases from AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and more. You will also hear from FICO about how it is using serverless computing for its predictive analytics and data science platform.

Use Cases

Building high throughput Serverless Data processing pipelines

You'll learn how to leverage AWS Lambda with Amazon Kinesis to architect scalable, high throughput pipelines that handle use cases like in-line process or data manipulation.

Serverless Orchestration with AWS Step Functions

Use AWS Step Functions to easily coordinate multiple AWS Lambda functions and microservices as a series of steps using visual workflows.

Unlocking High Performance computing for financial services

You'll learn how to run risk and pricing scenario calculations against large datasets in shorter timeframes and at lower cost with serverless architecture.

Taking Serverless to the Edge

Learn how to run code closer to your end users with edge computing for 1.) lower latency to respond to viewer requests, 2.) reduced load on origin servers, 3.) automatic scaling. 

Building Big Data Applications with Serverless Architectures

You'll learn how to use AWS Lambda with Amazon Kinesis to analyze streaming data in real-time and store results in a managed NoSQL database such as Amazon DynamoDB.

Big Data, Analytics and Maschine Learning on AWS Lambda

You'll learn common design patterns for big data processing, how they map to AWS Lambda, and how to leverage Machine Learning to derive better insights from the data.

Building Serverless Chatbots

We’ll demonstrate step-by-step how you can use AWS Lambda to easily build and run your first Slack bot – all without the need to provision and manage servers.

Building API-Driven Microservices with Amazon API Gateway

Learn the foundations for how you can build highly scalable APIs for backends running on server-based or container-based applications and serverless applications.


Security best practices for serverless applications

You'll learn how to use AWS Lambda permissions. set up authentication and authorization for Amazon API Gateway with Amazon Cognito.

Serverless Authentication and Authorization

We cover how to use Amazon Cognito identity pools and user pools with API Gateway, Lambda, and IAM, and how to integrate with social identify providers.

Best Practices

Optimizing your serverless application data tiers with Amazon DynamoDB

We'll dive deep into how to leverage new features of DynamoDB in serverless applications, followed by a real-world use case from CapitalOne.

Designing Microservices with Serverless

We will show you how to achieve flexibility and agility by combining microservices and serverless technologies.

Serverless Architectural Patterns and best practices

We'll intoduce four re-usable serverless patterns for web apps, stream processing, batch processing, and automation.

Optimizing the Data Tier for Serverless Web Apps

We'll discuss how to pich the right database technology and connect your app to databases like Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon DynamoDB.

Operating your Serverless API at scale

We'll deep dive into advanced capabilities of API Gateway that enable you to build large scale data ingesting applications and dynamic websites.

Become a Serverless Black Belt: Optimizing your Serverless Applications

This is an advanced session in which we discuss architectural best practices, optimizations, and handy little cheat codes to build high-scale, serverless applications.

Building resilient multiregion serverless applications

You'll learn how to route end users to the appropriate region to achieve optimal latency and availability. 

Development Practices

Overview of Serverless Application Deployment Patterns

Learn common deployment patterns such as CI/CD, traffic shifting , automatically roll out and test new versions, and how to perform canary releases with API Gateway.

Productionize Serverless App Building & Deployments with AWS SAM

Learn advanced techniques for AWS SAM at scale, including dynamic template capabilities of SAM, deployment preferences and policy templates, and how to debug locally.

Building a Python Serverless Application with Chalice

Using Chalice, we will show you how to author a Restful service, and deploy the application to multiple stages using AWS CodePipline and AWS CodeBuild and SAM.

Debug your Container and Serverless Applications with AWS X-Ray in 5 Minutes

Learn to use AWS X-Ray to perform distributed tracing on AWS Lambda and serverless applications so you can debug and troubleshoot performance issues.

Building AWS Lambda applications with AWS SAM

Learn the basics of the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) which is an open source specification which defines simplified syntax for expressing serverless resources.

Local testing and deployment best practices

 We'll share best practices for locally testing and then deploying your Lambda application using the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) and AWS SAM Local.

Building a development workflow for serverless applications

We'll discuss how you can use CI/CD tooling from AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild to build an automated development workflow for your serverless app.

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