Below you will find Customer Case Studies and learn how other enterprises accelerated their business using AWS Lambda.

Thomson Reuters uses a serverless architecture to process up to 4,000 events per second for its usage analytics service. The service reliably handles spikes of twice its normal traffic and has high durability. The company deployed the service into production in only five months using AWS.

iRobot, a leading global consumer robot company and the maker of the internet-connected Roomba robotic vacuum, is building the next generation of connected devices for the smart home using a serverless architecture. The iRobot platform, based on AWS Lambda and AWS IoT, is managed by fewer than 10 people.

FINRA is a not-for-profit organization that oversees securities broker-dealers in the United States. By using AWS Lambda, FINRA is able to analyze 75 billion market events every day to identify fraud and insider trading.

Autodesk creates software for the architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and media and entertainment industries. To manage the increasing number of AWS accounts, Autodesk created Tailor. By using a serverless architecture, Autodesk was able to get Tailor up and running in 1 month.

Financial Engines is the largest independent investment advisor in the US by assets under management. By moving their core platform to a serverless architecture powered by AWS Lambda, Financial Engines has benefited from cost savings, zero administration and downtime, and seamless scaling that handles request rates of up to 60,000 per minute.

MLBAM is the digital arm of Major League Baseball. Their product Statcast delivers real-time game-play data to broadcasters. MLBAM uses AWS Lambda to enhance and transform the raw data and increase the speed, scalability and ability for MLBAM to capture, analyze, and deliver large quantities of data to their fans.

Square Enix uses AWS Lambda to run image processing for its Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). With AWS Lambda, Square Enix was able to reliably handle spikes of up to 30 times normal traffic. Lambda also lowered the time required for image processing from several hours to just over 10 seconds, and reduced infrastructure and operational costs.

Guardian News Media publishes the Guardian and the Observer. The company uses AWS Step Functions to coordinate AWS Lambda functions to build reliable workflows. This serverless architecture allowed for rapid creation of new internal business workflows and orchestration of data across different systems.

Benchling is a life science software company. They have created CRISPR, a breakthrough technique that researchers use to modify parts of a genome with extreme precision. To increase scalability while reducing costs, Benchling built their application using serverless architecture. Scientists using Benchling's platform can now spend more time focusing on research that isn't hindered by performance limitations.

Zapproved, a SaaS provider that helps customers in the legal industry manage litigation response processes, built a modern software platform from the ground up on AWS Lambda. By using serverless, Zapproved has enjoyed benefits such as efficiency, faster growth, quicker time to market, and lower costs.

Localytics is a web and mobile app analytics and engagement company, with brands such as ESPN, eBay, Fox, Salesforce, RueLaLa and the New York Times. With AWS Lambda, various teams at Localytics can tap into parallel data streams to create independent microservices. It enables the company to get new services to customers faster. For a startup, faster time to market is key. is a news, entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion website catering to women. The company uses AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon Kinesis Streams to run an entirely serverless website and process high volumes of site metric data. is a news, entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion website catering to women.

PhotoVogue is an online photography platform that is part of Vogue Italia. By using AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, PhotoVogue was able to improve customer experience while cutting IT costs.

Alt/S is a tech startup that specializes in data analytics and insights, moving the focus from reporting to actionable insights, predictive analytics, and next-gen applications. Alt/S built a completely serverless backend platform using AWS Lambda and related Amazon Web Services (AWS) products.

The Seattle Times is the largest daily newspaper in Washington State, with a website that gets 32 million page views each month. The Seattle Times uses AWS Lambda to resize images for viewing on different devices such as desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

AOL has several lines of business, including digital advertising, multiple web properties, and membership services. The company uses AWS Lambda for creating serverless architectures. runs a popular online real estate listing website that provides millions of for-sale listings and other information for buyers, sellers, and renters. The company uses AWS Lambda to run its Turbo Listings product.

Alameda County uses AWS Lambda for election night to flexibly scale their results-viewer application. This allows them to provide information on web and mobile apps to more than 800,000 registered voters.

Palringo is the world’s largest network for mobile community gaming. Using AWS Lambda, Palringo built a scalable stream processing pipeline that produces real-time metrics and visualizations and delivers them directly to internal stakeholders and external customers.

Netflix is one of the world's largest online media streaming providers. The company is planning to use AWS Lambda to build rule-based self-managing infrastructure and replace inefficient processes to reduce the rate of errors and save valuable time.

VidRoll is a video technology and monetization platform for content publishers and uses AWS Lambda to power the business logic for real-time ad bidding and transcode video ads in real-time. 

Edmunds is a leading car information and shopping platform and uses AWS Lambda for image processing.

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