With AWS Lambda, our various engineering teams can tap into a parallel data stream to create microservices independently from the main analytics application. It helps us get new services to our customers faster. For a startup, faster time to market is key.
Mohit Dilawari Director of Engineering

Localytics is a web and mobile app analytics and engagement company, with major brands such as ESPN, eBay, Fox, Salesforce, RueLaLa and the New York Times using its marketing and analytics tools to understand how apps are performing and to engage with new and existing customers. The Boston-based company’s software is used in more than 37,000 apps on more than three billion devices worldwide.

  • Supports pipeline with billions of data points uploaded every day from different mobile applications running Localytics analytics software.
  • Engineering team needed to access subsets of data for creating new services, but this led to additional capacity planning, utilization monitoring, and infrastructure management.
  • Platform team wanted to enable self-service for engineering teams.

Before using Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Lambda, the main analytics processing service for Localytics had to be updated when a microservice was added.



With Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Lambda deployed, Localytics puts a subset of data into a Kinesis stream, which different microservices teams can use to build their own Lambda microservices without needing to notify or consult the analytics team.


  • Decouples product engineering efforts from the platform analytics pipeline, enabling creation of new microservices to access data stream without the need to be bundled with the main analytics application.
  • Eliminates the need to provision and manage infrastructure to run each microservice .
  • Lambda automatically scales up and down with load, processing tens of billions of data points monthly. 
  • Speeds time to market for new customer services, since each feature is a new microservice that can run and scale independently of every other microservice.

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