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Anticipate your customers’ needs and resolve their issues faster and more efficiently with Amazon Connect. This cloud-based contact center platform is easy to use and set up, helping you provide satisfying and effective customer interactions. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex bring powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to your contact center. Using speech-to-text and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the same technology that powers Alexa, you can design conversational interfaces into any application.

The result: by adding automation, your Amazon Connect implementation can engage customers without the need to escalate to an agent. You can track customer sentiment through native real-time analytics. With omnichannel interactions across voice and chat, you can empower your contact center agents to provide your customers with satisfying, proactive, and consistent experiences across channels. The web-based Amazon Connect platform, built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, can be deployed in minutes, versus months, and accessed anywhere through an HTML5-compatible browser to elevate your customer service experience, and improve your agents’ productivity. 

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Deliver the modern experiences your customers deserve

Amazon Connect gives your organization skills-based routing, task management, and unified customer profiles powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. In just a few clicks, agents can begin talking and messaging with customers across voice and chat. For expert assistance with building your Amazon Connect cloud contact center, work with AWS Consulting Partners. Further extend your Amazon Connect capabilities with integrations from global AWS Technology Partners.

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    Better experiences for your customers and stakeholders

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    Reimagine the customer experience
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    Elevate your customer experiences

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  • Amazon Connect on The AWS Official Podcast

    Deliver better customer experiences with Amazon Connect

    Amazon Connect Podcast: Elevate Your Customer Experiences | AWS

    Learn how an omnichannel contact center helps improve the customer experience.

    Improving the agent experience

    Episode 2

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    Adapting quickly to deliver exceptional customer experiences

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    Anticipatory customer service with AI and machine learning

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    Success with contact centers at enterprise scale

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    Personalize customer engagement by empowering agents

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  • Modernizing the contact center with Amazon Connect

    Elevate customer experiences and save 80% with Amazon Connect

    Amazon Connect Infographic 2021 | AWS

    Scale to meet demand, and enable agents to deliver superior customer experiences from anywhere.

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Predictive and anticipatory customer service

Predictive customer service - Amazon Connect

Customize predictive intelligence to suit your contact center’s needs, from advanced analytics and automation to end-to-end management. Boost agent productivity and efficiency that results in proactive resolutions and personalized interactions.

Future and modernization

Contact Center Modernization - Amazon Connect

Establish a cutting-edge contact center with exponential scalability, easily and seamlessly. Empower agents and improve the customer experience with omnichannel integrations, advanced data analytics, and AI-driven capabilities that create greater business resilience.

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