AWS CodeBuild now supports organization and global GitHub webhooks

Posted on: Jun 17, 2024

AWS CodeBuild now supports organization and global webhooks for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise Server. CodeBuild webhooks automatically detect changes in your repositories and trigger new builds whenever webhook events are received. These events include GitHub Actions workflow run, commit push, release, and pull request.

With this feature, you can now configure a single CodeBuild webhook at organization or enterprise level to receive events from all repositories in your organizations, instead of creating webhooks for each individual repository. For managed GitHub Action self-hosted runners, this feature provides a centralized control mechanism, as you can set up runner environment at organization or enterprise level and use the same runner across all your repositories.

This feature is available in all regions where CodeBuild is offered. For more information about the AWS Regions where CodeBuild is available, see the AWS Regions page.

To get started, set up organization or global webhooks in CodeBuild projects, and use them to run GitHub Actions workflow jobs or trigger builds upon push or pull request events. To learn more about using managed GitHub Actions self-hosted runners, see CodeBuild’s blog post.