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How Contura Energy built a letter of credit application on Amazon Managed Blockchain

This is a guest post from Sammy Jordan, Assistant Treasurer at Contura Energy, in partnership with Emile Baizel, Sr. Blockchain Architect at AWS. In their own words, “Contura Energy is a Tennessee-based coal supplier with affiliate mining operations across major coal basins in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We export metallurgical coal, a key raw material in steelmaking, to customers on five continents and approximately 25 countries.” Contura chose to run the blockchain network on Amazon Managed Blockchain because it’s a fully managed service that scales automatically, as needed, and removes a lot of the heavy lifting needed to operate a blockchain network. Additionally, you can easily integrate Managed Blockchain with other AWS services, and Managed Blockchain simplifies growing and administering the blockchain network. Network governance and inviting new members can be done via the AWS Management Console, and each member is billed separately based on their own usage.