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How to Analyze AWS Config Snapshots with ElasticSearch and Kibana

Introduction In this blog post, I will walk you through a turn-key solution that includes one of our most recently released services, AWS Config. This solution shows how to automate the ingestion of your AWS Config snapshots into the ElasticSearch/Logstash/Kibana (ELK) stack for searching and mapping your AWS environments. Using this functionality, you can do […]

Serverless Service Discovery: Part 4: Registrar

In this, the last part of our serverless service discovery series, we will show how to register and look up a new service. We will add these components: AWS Lambda Registrar Agent In Docker, it is common to have container agents that add functionality to your Docker deployment. We will borrow from this concept and […]

Serverless Service Discovery: Part 3: Registration

In this, the third part of our serverless service discovery series, we will show how to configure Amazon API Gateway to require AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for authentication and how to create a V4 signature to call our register and deregister methods. We have created all the functions required to manage our API […]

Serverless Service Discovery: Part 2: Lookup

In this, the second part of our serverless service discovery series, we will use Amazon DynamoDB to store information about the services in our service discovery service and update our AWS Lambda function to read information from the DynamoDB table. Updating Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda As part of adding new functionality to what […]

Serverless Service Discovery – Part 1: Get Started

AWS provides a lot of features and services for writing serverless architectures with Python. In this four-part series, we will show how you can use Python to manage and implement Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB. We will use a common use case, service discovery, to showcase a simple way to do this […]

Migrating to Boto3

Boto3, the latest version of the AWS SDK for Python, was released earlier this year. Since its release, we’ve seen more and more customers migrating to the latest major version of Boto. Boto3 provides many significant improvements over Boto: Faster availability of API updates and consistency in exposed interfaces Collections that provide an iterable interface […]

Welcome to the AWS Developer Blog for Python

Hi everyone! Welcome to the AWS Developer Blog for Python. I’m Jordon Phillips, and I work on the AWS SDK for Python. This blog will be the place to go for information about: Tips and tricks for using the AWS SDK for Python New feature announcements Deep dives into AWS SDK for Python features Guest […]