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Streaming Amazon S3 Objects From a Web Server

by Michael Dowling | on | in PHP | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Have you ever needed a memory-efficient way to stream an Amazon S3 object directly from your web server to a browser? Perhaps your website has its own authorization system and you want to limit access to a file to only users who have purchased it. Or maybe you need to perform a specific action each […]

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Fetch Object Data and Metadata from Amazon S3 (in a Single Call)

by Trevor Rowe | on | in Ruby | Permalink | Comments |  Share

I came across an excellent question earlier this week on our support forums. The question was essentially, "How can I fetch object data and metadata from Amazon S3 in a single call?" This is fair question, also one I did not have a good answer to. Amazon S3 returns both object data and metadata in […]

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