To get started with AWS Certificate Manager, navigate to the Certificate Manager in the AWS Management Console. Use the wizard to request an SSL/TLS certificate by entering the name of your site. You can also request a certificate using the AWS CLI or API.

After validating that you own or control the domain names in your certificate request, the SSL/TLS certificate is issued, and you can deploy it for use with Elastic Load Balancers, Amazon CloudFront distributions, or APIs on Amazon API Gateway. You simply select the SSL/TLS certificate you want from a drop-down list in the AWS Management Console. Alternatively, you can execute a CLI command or call an AWS API to associate the certificate with an AWS resource. AWS Certificate Manager then deploys the certificate to the resource you selected.

For more information about creating and using certificates provided by AWS Certificate Manager, visit the AWS Certificate Manager FAQs page or see Getting Started in the AWS Certificate Manager User Guide.

Get Started with AWS Certificate Manager

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