Amazon EBS Cold HDD Volumes

Lowest Cost HDD Volumes for colder storage offering up to 250 MB/s of throughput per volume

Cold HDD (sc1) volumes provide low-cost magnetic storage that defines performance in terms of throughput rather than IOPS. With a lower throughput limit than Throughput Optimized HDD (st1) volumes, sc1 volumes are a good fit for large, sequential cold-data workloads. If you require infrequent access to your data and are looking to save costs, sc1 provides inexpensive block storage. Bootable sc1 volumes are not supported.


Lowest Cost of Storage

Cold HDD (sc1) volumes offer the lowest cost of block storage in AWS. They are ideal for workloads characterized by large (1 MB) block sizes which need less than 80 MB/s of throughput per TB or 250 MB/s per volume with bursting, while generally needing under 12 MB/s per TB of throughput for their baseline needs.

Throughput-intensive workloads with large block sizes

Cold HDD (sc1) volumes are backed by hard disk drives (HDDs) and are ideal for infrequently accessed, throughput-intensive workloads with large datasets and large I/O sizes, such as Hadoop clusters, Windows File Server, log processing and big data workloads with large data sets. 

Cold HDD volumes deliver baseline throughput of 12 MB/s per TB and up to 80 MB/s per TB or 250 MB/s per volume while bursting, making these volumes ideal for IO intensive workloads with relatively low baseline throughput requirements.

Product Details

Volume type



99.8% - 99.9% durability (0.1% - 0.2% annual failure rate)

Use cases

Throughput-oriented storage for data that is infrequently accessed

API Name


Volume size

125 GiB - 16 TiB

Max IOPS per volume (1 MiB I/O)


Max throughput per volume


Max IOPS per instance


Max throughput per instance

7,500 MB/s

Amazon EBS Multi-attach

Not supported


$0.015 / GB-mo (N. Virginia)

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