Macroeconomic Conditions

Enterprises today are managing through unprecedented economic conditions, market and policy changes. Managing through change is essential for success, but also requires data to help answer the tough questions. Is government stimulus going to be able to drive sustained economic growth or will we start to see a downturn? What will be the ongoing impact of COVID-19 as consumer spending continues to shift and people work remotely for longer periods of time?

We're working with organizations who make data available to help customers understand these changes and make critical decisions for their business.

Whether you're trying to accurately plan for the election cycle, considering how to return to the office, factory, or classroom safely, or creating new work and learn from home arrangements AWS Data Exchange is here to help.

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Macroeconomic Conditions
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Use Cases

Marketing Insights

Consumer travel patterns are changing. As more people shift how they a travel, brands can choose to shift their advertising to influence people as they drive, bike or walk from point A to point B. AWS Data Exchange has over 50+ data products available today that contain aggregated Foot Traffic Data along with data from  People Data Labs enabling AWS customers to get insights into changes in consumer travel patterns and daily routines.


Organizations can analyze news content at scale to identify changes in economic and social sentiment, voting preferences and the key issues that are effecting those preferences. AWS Data Exchange has three of the world’s leading news providers available today; Dow Jones, the Associated Press, and Reuters.

Economic Indicators

Economists typically rely on government data from previous months to understand the health of the current economy (e.g. consumer spending) but COVID-19 has caused economic conditions to change rapidly and unconventionally. AWS Data Exchange has data products that let you review the impact COVID-19 has had in Europe and on businesses in the UK, along with the economic indicator forecasts for the region. Pair this data with either consumer spending propensity in the UK or sociodemographic and disposable income data to get insights into economic recovery (or recession), in Europe ahead of the UK leaving the EU in January 2021.

Economic Recovery

Customers consider everyday health services (e.g. dentists) as a stable indicator of economic activity over time because demand for their services doesn’t cyclically fluctuate. By triangulating ADPs workforce population data with Rearc’s current employment data, AWS Data Exchange subscribers can get an up-to-date and granular point of view of economic activity in the geographic regions that matter to them. ADP's workforce population data, analyzed with Rearc’s current employment statistics by state, and nationally can be used by customers to get up to date information on the labor market in the US.

Operational Excellence

Companies are looking to understand economic activity in their industry or other industries they engage with, either through their supply chain or companies they invest in. AWS Data Exchange has data products that help companies better understand spending and trading trends, whether through consumer transactions or insider transactions. Yodlee Aggregate Products, Alliant’s Consumer transaction and payment data (free), US Consumer Card Payments (free), and 180byTwo’s Predictive B2B Intent Data can be used to understand consumer spending patterns, where Elipsa’s insider transactions (free) can be used to understand the equity movements of company insiders.

Data to keep us healthy

AWS Data Exchange is helping healthcare organizations restart clinical operations. Healthcare providers can use data to understand public attitudes and beliefs around resuming their normal healthcare regimens or managing care that was deferred during the pandemic, as well as perform predictions on possible vaccination adoption. In addition, many healthcare providers are looking at ways to leverage the increased interest in telehealth-based services going forward. Our data products provide data to drive the analytics that provide insights into public sentiment on re-engaging healthcare for their patient’s medical needs and their attitudes to vaccination, as well as information on how care delivery services are adapting to increase use of telehealth

ESG Economic Modeling

ESG data (environmental, social, and governance data) from CSRHub, Verisk Maplecroft, and CG Lytics enable financial organizations to make informed decisions about earnings performance and investment potential and risk. More broadly, the value of global assets applying ESG data to drive investment decisions has almost doubled over four years, and more than tripled over eight years, to $40.5 trillion in 2020, according to research firm Opimas. Investment Managers, banks, and corporations are asking AWS Data Exchange to provide ESG data resources to support their analytics and decision-making processes.

AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. We're working with organizations who make data available to help customers make critical decisions for their business as the election and economic conditions cause change. Click here to browse all related data products on AWS Data Exchange. 

If you’re new to AWS Data Exchange, a step-by-step guide to subscribing to data products can be found on this blog, and this blog describes how you can automate the exporting of data from AWS Data Exchange into your own Amazon S3 bucket.

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