Amazon DataZone Features

Amazon DataZone is a data management service that you can use to publish data and make it available to the business data catalog through your personalized web application. You can access your data more securely regardless of where it is stored—on AWS, on premises, or in SaaS applications like Salesforce. Amazon DataZone simplifies your experience across AWS services like Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, AWS Glue, AWS Lake Formation, and Amazon QuickSight.

Amazon DataZone catalog

Amazon DataZone capabilities

Search for data in the business data catalog

Use the Amazon DataZone catalog to reduce your time searching for and using data from weeks to days. Datasets are published to the catalog, which you can access through the Amazon DataZone portal to search for your desired data. Search lists return results based on the cataloged data. Select your desired dataset and learn more about it in the business glossary. After you confirm your selected dataset, you can request access and start your analysis.

Collaborate through data projects

Amazon DataZone introduces data projects for teams to collaborate through data assets, such as datasets. Use data projects to manage and monitor data assets across projects through usage auditing capabilities. With data projects, you can create and access business use case groupings of data, people, and tools that teams can use to collaborate while consuming data.

Get personalized views of data assets through the web-based portal

Amazon DataZone provides simplified access to analytics with personalized views for data assets through a web-based application. You can use analytics without having to sign in to the AWS Management Console or understand the underlying AWS analytics services.

Use machine learning (ML) to enhance accuracy and productivity

Amazon DataZone uses ML to automatically suggest business terms while cataloging data assets. This automation significantly reduces the manual work required to add searchable business terms to technical data.

Data security and control

Protect data with built-in governance and security

Amazon DataZone extends governance controls through your existing investments in the AWS Glue Data Catalog, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Lake Formation. The service automatically operates within your organization’s infrastructure without relying on an individual’s credentials. Therefore, you can more securely manage access control and permissions in one place.