Build a Digital Bank on AWS

Yesterday’s tech can’t power today’s advances

Financial institutions are now considering how they fit within the world of digital banking as customer expectations, regulations, and new digital banking licenses drive change across the industry.  At the same time, many consumers are considering a move to digital-only banks as their appetite increases for digital channels and personalization. Digital banks can meet regulatory requirements while developing new business models by building a secure, scalable, and innovative platform in the cloud with AWS.

Digital banks are finding a home on AWS



Innovate faster

Build microservices architecture and enable intraday releases. You can also scale horizontally and spin up services effectively in the cloud.  

Implement the highest level of security

AWS can help create a digital foundation—and adhere to strict regulatory guidelines on your path to building a digital bank.

Leverage AWS’ expertise when building digital banks

Leverage AWS's experience and expertise with guidance on compliance and security when engaging a regulator on cloud adoption. AWS understands the unique security and compliance obligations financial institutions face on a global scale.

Types of digital banks

  • Challenger Banks
  • Challenger Banks

    Independent start-up bank with a banking license

    Customer case studies

    Chime Logo

    Learn how Chime migrated to AWS to help engineers and developers provide better services, more uptime, reliable data, security, and a sound foundation and a successful platform for their rapidly growing member base.

    Judo Bank Logo

    Judo Bank has leveraged AWS to build a system enabling traditional relationship banking backed by modern, legacy-free technology, processes, and systems.

    Monzo Logo

    Monzo runs 1500+ core-banking microservices on AWS that allow its over half a million customers to instantly transfer funds, freeze and unfreeze lost cards, and manage their money by setting spending targets.

    NuBank Logo

    Nubank has rapidly scaled its services with AWS, managing 23+ million customers and providing credit cards and digital accounts in Latin America.

    Qonto Logo

    Qonto leverages services like AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway to quickly create business functionalities in a domain regulated by PCI-DSS compliance.

    Starling Bank Logo

    Starling, a UK challenger bank, decided to build a frictionless, cloud-native mobile banking application and invited third parties to integrate with its marketplace, to offer an exceptional digital experience and tailored banking products to its customers.

    TymeBank Logo

    TymeBank migrated 85% of its infrastructure to AWS and runs its mission-critical payments service in a containerized architecture built on Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS.

    WeLab Bank Logo

    WeLab Bank runs 95% of its workloads on AWS and worked closely with AWS to ensure it met regulatory requirements specific to virtual banking.

  • Digital Bank Offshoots
  • Digital Bank Offshoots

    Subsidiary or extension of an existing incumbent bank

    Customer case studies

    Mox Logo

    Mox Bank Limited (Mox), one of the fastest-growing banks in Hong Kong history, went from initial licensing to market deployment of its cloud-native and digital bank in 18 months. In the first month alone, it signed up over 35,000 customers.

    Nequi Logo
    Nequi, the first digital bank in Colombia, part of Grupo Bancolombia, was created in 2015. Using AWS services, the financial institution successfully migrated applications, including the SAP software’s planning resources, to the cloud.
    OpenBank Logo

    Open Bank, S.A. ("Openbank"), a subsidiary of Santander Group, runs on the world’s leading cloud for the most reliable infrastructure and the ability to innovate quickly and more frequently on behalf of its 1.3 million customers in Spain.

    Space Neobank Logo
    Georgia’s TBC Bank—one of the two biggest banks in the country—wanted to complement its existing services by creating a digital, cloud-only challenger bank, which it called Space Neobank. Established in 2018, Space Neobank provides retail banking services to more than 200,000 customers across Georgia. The cloud-only bank launched in 8 months, using AWS.
    TNEX Logo
    TNEX is the first digital-only bank in Vietnam and has launched all-in on AWS, leveraging a Mambu core and Amazon Managed Services (AMS). This has enabled TNEX to focus on how they differentiate and serve their customers by leveraging AI and Machine Learning. In this session, hear from Bryan Carroll, CEO of TNEX Vietnam, on how TNEX Bank was built working backwards from a bowl of soup.
  • Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Players
  • Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Players

    Provide banking processes as a service using an existing licensed bank's regulated infrastructure

    Customer case studies

    SolarisBank Logo

    Berlin-based Solarisbank is Europe’s leading BaaS platform for business customers across industries. As a bank with a full German banking license, Solarisbank enables other companies to offer their own financial services.

    Standard Chartered Logo

    Nexus, the cloud-based banking-as-a-service platform of Standard Chartered, allows the bank to distribute its financial services products to Bukalapak's ecommerce clients while complying with Indonesia's data sovereignty requirements. As Nexus was built for scale on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it can quickly add large numbers of new customers and partners.

    Goldman Sachs Logo
    Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB) has streamlined client onboarding and offers rapid account opening. TxB’s banking-as-a-service platform strives to provide 24/7 availability (99.8% payment processing uptime as of September 2021). The platform enables digital wallets to simplify online payments for retail and small to mid-size businesses, and APIs enable partners to onboard and service clients.

Modernize Core Banking on AWS

Enabling cloud-led banking transformation

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Accelerate innovation while staying compliant on AWS

We engage with financial regulatory bodies to shape the future of digital banking together. AWS meets with regulatory agencies throughout the world to shape emerging digital banking license frameworks. We know that digital banks are most successful on the cloud, so we share how we approach security and compliance and present the various tools and services that enable financial services customers to build secure, scalable, and innovative digital banks with AWS.

We will continue to be at the forefront of engaging regulatory agencies as they consider, propose, and update regulatory requirements that affect AWS and our customers. Our goal remains simple – to seek the best policy and regulatory outcomes for our financial services customers to build on the cloud. 

We are committed to deliver an operating environment for our customers to innovate with confidence. As digital banking regulations continue to advance, AWS is committed to help customers respond to new rules and guidelines. In many cases, AWS makes it easier for customers to comply with different regulations and frameworks around the world. AWS continues to support our customers’ cloud-driven innovation and transform the financial services industry globally to meet changing consumer behaviors and expectations. If you have any questions about digital banking regulatory framework and the application to your use of AWS, please reach out to your account representative or request to be contacted. We have a team of policy, regulatory, and technology experts with financial services background ready to support you.

Building an end-to-end Kubernetes-based DevSecOps software factory on AWS

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