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The need for greater scalability, speed, and reliability has led many organizations to adopt DevOps practices to manage both their cloud and on-premises environments. Realizing these benefits, as well as others like cost reduction and improved efficiency, has prompted several companies to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and work with APN Partners who are able to deploy solutions that help them deliver better software more quickly. These solutions will help you reduce the amount of time spent on manual updates, make deployments more frequently at less cost, and allow automatic scaling to be done simply and reliably. Join us for our upcoming webinar to discover how executing DevOps practices on AWS can automate configuration management, helping to reduce the amount of time spent fighting fires, leaving more time for innovation.

Learn why organizations are moving to the cloud, the benefits of choosing AWS for scalablity, speed and reliablility and how APN Partners SignalFx, Puppet, New Relic and BMC can help.

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Acquia, a Drupal web experience provider, faced a common growing pain: with its expanding customer base and AWS workloads came numerous monitoring systems and scattered data from disparate sources and teams. The company knew it needed better insight into its customers’ resources and quicker access to data it could trust. Join our webinar to see why Acquia turned to SignalFx for real real-time monitoring for its AWS environment, enabling its entire organization with operational insights, from development all the way through sales.

Learn how Acquia consolidated the number of monitoring services used, improved the quality of its customer services, and saved more than half a million dollars per year in costs.

Webinar Topic: Transform Your Organization with Real Real-Time Monitoring
Customer Presenter:
Aaron “Checo” Pacheco, Product Manager, Acquia
AWS Presenter: Trevor Hansen, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
Partner Presenter: Mike Klaczynski, Product Marketing Director, SignalFx
Time: April 10, 2018 | 10:00 AM - 11 AM PT  

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Organizations often face challenges when trying to change processes and learn the new skills required to adopt DevOps practices. This can be a hindrance to delivering modern software and automating their AWS cloud environment. Puppet Enterprise helps simplify the provisioning, configuration, and management of workloads on AWS by enabling the agility necessary to support growth through more frequent and cost-effective deployments. This allows organizations to make changes to their environment more rapidly and securely, manage repeatable configurations more reliably, and enables version control and continuous integration in software delivery practices.

Register for our webinar to find out how Puppet helped ServiceChannel automate their cloud configuration management to take advantage of the scalability of AWS, achieve greater flexibility, and improve their customers’ ability to connect and collaborate more frequently.

Webinar Topic: How ServiceChannel Automated Their AWS Environment with Puppet
Customer Presenter: Brian Engler, CIO, ServiceChannel
AWS Presenter: Kevin Cochran, Partner Solutions Architect
Partner Presenter: Chris Barker, Principal Solutions Engineer, Puppet
Time: April 11, 2018 | 9:00 AM - 10 AM PT

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DraftKings is an innovative sports-tech and media entertainment platform changing the way consumers engage with their favorite sports, teams, and athletes by bringing fans closer to the game. Embracing a DevOps culture and continuous delivery allows DraftKings to consistently deliver the best possible fantasy sports experience for its customers.

Learn how DraftKings leverages AWS and New Relic to support rapid application iteration and to enable teams to own responsibility for building, deploying, and reliably scaling their apps.

Webinar Topic: A DevOps Playbook at DraftKings Built with New Relic and AWS
Customer Presenter:
Mark DiAntonio, Vertical Engineering Lead, Fantasy and Content, DraftKings
AWS Presenter: Kevin Cochran, Partner Solutions Architect
Partner Presenter: Abner Germanow, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, New Relic
Time: April 12, 2018 | 9:00 AM - 10 AM PT

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Join our webinar to learn how BMC enables enterprise customers to transform their organization to a digital DevOps model. In this webinar, NICE InContact will share their story of transforming from a physical data center to a hybrid environment, including data center and cloud infrastructure. They'll talk about strategies, challenges, best practices, and navigating an acquisition.

Learn how NICE InContact improved service management and capacity management as well as resolution time for incidents using BMC TrueSight and AWS DevOps solutions. Join us to learn from a peer in the enterprise space to help you plan your own IT infrastructure transformation.

Webinar Topic: Transform Enterprise IT Infrastructure with AWS DevOps
Customer Presenter:
Dennis Sherman, Director of Cloud Infrastructure, NICE InContact
AWS Presenter: Michael Miller, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
Partner Presenter: Seth Paskin, Solutions Marketing Manager, BMC
April 18, 2018 | 9:00 AM - 10 AM PT  

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Provision anywhere from one to thousands of server instances on-demand and scale capacity up or down within minutes automatically. To get started, you only need an AWS account. There is no setup required or software to install.


Model and provision AWS resources and your entire cloud infrastructure using templates, plus use AWS services to automate deployments, release processes, configurations, and more. Use our APIs, SDKs, and CLI to interface with AWS and its services.


Use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to set user permissions and policies. This gives you granular control over who can access your resources and how they access those resources. AWS also provides services, such as AWS Config and AWS Service Catalog that help you govern, monitor, and enforce compliance.


Purchase AWS services as you need them and only for the period when you use them. AWS pricing has no upfront fees, termination penalties, or long term contracts. The AWS Free Tier helps you get started with AWS services.

AWS and APN Partners provide an extensive selection of tools and services for companies using a DevOps model. AWS services are extensible and can be combined with your existing tooling to create a solution that best suits your needs. The AWS DevOps Competency Technology Partners offer third-party solutions for DevOps, many of which are already integrated with AWS and its services. AWS DevOps Competency Consulting Partners can help you implement these tools and services in a way to provide great benefit to your organization.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery: The AWS Developer Tools (AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline) help you securely store and version control your application's source code and automatically build, test, and deploy your application on AWS or your on-premises environment. Use AWS CodePipeline’s and AWS CodeDeploy’s built-in integrations with APN partner tools. The AWS DevOps Competency Partners provide third-party solutions for CI/CD with AWS.

Microservices: Build and deploy a microservices architecture using containers or serverless compute. Launch a Docker platform for production environments using Amazon EC2 Container Service or run code without provisioning or managing servers using AWS Lambda.


Infrastructure as Code: Provision, configure, and manage your AWS infrastructure resources using code and templates. AWS CloudFormation lets you provision and update AWS resources with templates. AWS OpsWorks is a configuration management service that uses Chef. Use AWS Config for an inventory of your AWS resources and to monitor their configuration. The AWS DevOps Competency Partners provide third-party solutions for Configuration Management with AWS.

Monitoring and Logging: Record logs and monitor application and infrastructure performance in near real-time using services like AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch.

Platform as a Service: Deploy web applications without needing to provision and manage the infrastructure and application stack using AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Use Elastic Beanstalk to quickly deploy web apps developed with Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, and Docker.

Version Control: Host secure, highly scalable Git repositories on the cloud with AWS CodeCommit.

Consulting Solutions: The AWS DevOps Competency Partner program includes consulting partners who help you transform your business to be more efficient and agile by leveraging the AWS infrastructure and DevOps principles.