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Igniting Passion

AWS Educate launches the AWS Siklab Pilipinas in Manila, Philippines. The Siklab—a Tagalog word that translates to a flame and spark—provided cloud essentials training and a job fair for 400 students and 80 educators across 90 institutions.

Launching a Cloud Degree

Cloud computing has been highlighted by LinkedIn as the #1 in-demand, global skill for the past four years, with Northern Virginia housing one of the largest concentrations of IT jobs in the nation. Learn about the innovative degree offering created by NOVA and AWS Educate.

Scalable Cloud Courses

Intended to scale, CA Cloud sets a precedent for thinking big about global cloud curriculum. The California Cloud Workforce Project (“CA Cloud”) designed a Cloud Computing Certificate in collaboration with faculty at Santa Monica College and AWS Educate.

Re-Skilling Adult Workers

Singapore's National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) Learning Hub works with AWS Educate to reach a different audience: adult learners. The NTUC intends to train and re-skill 20,000 Singaporeans to build cloud computing skills before the end of 2019.

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