AWS offers Training and Certification programs to help you develop skills to design, deploy, and operate your infrastructure and applications on the AWS Cloud. Whether you are just getting started or looking to deepen your technical expertise, we have a variety of resources to meet your needs. Discover on-demand tools, technical classes, and certifications to help you on your journey with AWS.

Explore our offerings below. This information is also available as a PDF so you can download to read offline or print: AWS Training and Certification Overview (PDF).


Learn how Hitachi uses AWS Training & Certification to educate staff and create a culture of learning.

  • Get introduced to cloud computing and AWS
  • Watch free instructional videos to get started in minutes
  • Take self-paced labs and get hands-on practice with AWS

  • Learn to design, develop, and operate your infrastructure and applications on AWS
  • Deepen technical skills and learn best practices from qualified AWS instructors
  • Prepare for AWS Certification

Classes are available through AWS and our APN Training Partners. Search our Global Class Schedule to find an upcoming class that’s convenient for you.

  • Train on-demand and learn at your own pace
  • Get hands-on with an AWS service in a practice environment
  • Choose from 50+ individual lab topics or by AWS service area or use case

  • Validate your technical skills with AWS
  • Gain credibility for your AWS expertise through Associate and Professional certifications
  • Become part of the global AWS Certified Community

Register for classes and find additional partner training available through the AWS Partner Network.

Please review the AWS Terms and Conditions governing our Training program.