With the increasing demand for cloud employees, AWS Educate provides an academic gateway for the next generation of IT and cloud professionals. AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning endeavors.


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Provide educators and students with resources for cloud-related learning. Those at member institutions receive twice as many AWS credits, demos and special on-campus programs.

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Professors, teaching assistants, and educators receive access to AWS technology, open source content for their courses, training resources, and a community of cloud evangelists.

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Students receive credits for hands-on experience with AWS technology, training, content, career pathways and the AWS Educate job board.

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Your Path to Cloud Learning

AWS Educate cloud career pathways provide students with access to credits, training, and the option to choose their desired cloud career. AWS Educate delivers a personalized path that includes content, knowledge checks, and badging that guides them through the learning process.  Features associated with cloud career pathways are available in 47 countries with more coming soon.


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AWS Educate Job Board

Find Your Cloud Job

The AWS Educate Job Board includes entry-level cloud jobs from global employers and companies. Students can search job requisitions that match their selected job family and skill set, and apply for positions directly in the Job Board. Features associated with the AWS Educate Job Board are available in 47 countries with more coming soon.

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Access cloud content, training, collaboration tools, the job board and AWS technology at no cost by joining AWS Educate today.

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AWS Credits (annually renewable)
  • $200 in AWS credits per educator – at member institutions
  • $75 in AWS credits per educator – at non-member institutions
  • AWS Account: $100 in credits at member institutions; $40 in credits at non-member institutions
  • AWS Educate Starter Account: $75 in credits at member institutions; $30 in credits at non-member institutions
AWS Training
  • Free access to labs
  • Free AWS Technical Essentials eLearning course
  • 50% off instructor-led training provided by AWS in the United States, Brazil or Japan
  • 50% off AWS certification exams
  • Access to AWS Technical Essentials Training Course (a $600 value)
  • Free access to labs
Curated Content
  • Free access to AWS content for classes
  • Free access to content contributed by leading educators
  • Ability to select personalized learning pathway with 30+ hours of content per path
  • Earn digital badges that showcase cloud skills
  • Free access to AWS content for homework, labs, or self-study
Collaboration Tools
  • Educator Collaboration Portal access
  • Virtual and in-person events
  • Contribute and rate content
  • Private and public discussion forums
  • Provide feedback on AWS Educate
  • Student Portal access
  • Student portfolio to store projects in one place
  • Access to Job Board and job postings

New Options to Help All Students Achieve Their Cloud Career Goals

AWS Educate provides tools for students around the world dreaming of a technology career. Students choose a standard AWS Account or the new AWS Educate Starter Account, which requires no credit card to join.

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Turn Your Classroom into a Dynamic Learning Lab

True cloud expertise starts with hands-on learning. When Professor Zachary Ives decided to integrate AWS Educate into his classroom, his students immediately had access to the computing power they needed able to experiment and innovate. See how Professor Ives created real-world curricula that took students from theory to practice to understanding using AWS Educate.


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What is AWS?
Teaching Cloud Skills at U Penn with AWS Educate

Bring AWS Educate to Your Institution

Put the power of cloud learning in the hands of all instructors and students.  By signing up as an AWS Educate member institution, your students and staff receive additional benefits, including more AWS credits. Not sure if your school has joined? View our membership list.

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"Cornell Tech is a revolutionary model for graduate school, forging a new intersection between academia and industry, so we were excited to be among the first universities to use AWS Educate. The content, training and educator collaboration Amazon has launched to accelerate cloud-related learning has become a great complement to our entrepreneurial programs."

Greg Pass, Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, Cornell Tech



"Miami Dade College is the largest and most diverse institution of higher education in the U.S., offering an exceptional learning environment to our students. Our acclaimed School of Engineering and Technology is dedicated to advancing workforce education through innovative solutions and industry partnerships, and we are excited to integrate AWS Educate into our curricula beginning this fall. AWS Educate will provide our students with in-depth, project-based learning opportunities and access to AWS' cutting-edge technology, helping to give our students a competitive advantage in obtaining fast-paced, high-paying jobs upon graduation.”

Dr. Djuradj Babic, Director, School of Engineering and Technology, Miami Dade College