Training and Certification for Enterprise

Build cloud fluency across your enterprise to accelerate and scale your modernization

AWS Training and Certification can help your enterprise achieve business goals by building cloud fluency across your global organization. We offer the resources you need to create a culture of innovation, develop adaptable and continuous learning mechanisms, and transform and modernize your enterprise.

With the right cloud skills, your enterprise can deploy cloud products faster, boost business performance, and increase staff productivity. Be ready for global cloud transformation—and your organization’s continuous learning needs—with a training strategy designed by AWS experts.

The NAB Cloud Guild: Accelerating Cloud Adoption Through Large-Scale Training Program

The Benefits of AWS Training and Certification



Understanding new cloud technologies fosters an agile, innovative culture. Comprehensively trained staff can adopt the cloud up to 80% faster.

Speed of development

Training on AWS accelerates IT projects. Staff can iterate faster and get to a proof of concept with less effort – leaving more time for refining and improving.


Using AWS in the right way can increase the efficiency of your IT projects, reducing time to market and, crucially, minimizing staff time investment.

Latest Resources

Find the resources you need to create a culture of innovation, develop adaptable and continuous learning mechanisms, and transform and modernize your enterprise.
NAB Case Study graphic

Executive Summary: Achieving Digital Transformation

Learn how to develop and nurture communities of practice as a means of scaling up cloud skills enablement.


NAB Case Study graphic

Case Study: Build Employee Confidence in Cloud Skills

Read how the largest business bank in Australia, National Australia Bank (NAB) realized that it needed to expand its existing capabilities and how AWS Training and Certification helped them.

Executive Summary: Cloud Skills Training an a Key Pillar of Employer Brand

E-book: Achieving Digital Transformation

Subtitled The Role of Communities of Practice in Cloud Skills, this e-book explains how nurturing communities of practice can help your organization be more creative and productive, attract new talent, and promote a culture of continuous learning.


Internal Communications Kit

This toolkit provides customizable resources to help position your investment in AWS Training and Certification for your employees and engage them across the organization.


IDC Whitepaper: Train to Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy

Read how IDC found that comprehensive training helps businesses get more from their cloud investment.



AWS Learning Needs Analysis

Identify your organization’s cloud skills gaps and build a data-driven plan to accelerate learning.

Introduction to Cloud Adoption Framework

This course provides an overview of AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and explains its structure to identify and address gaps in skills and processes.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Second Edition)

Learn the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud and prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

Job Roles in the Cloud

In this self-paced course, you’ll learn about the typical job roles applicable to an enterprise-level AWS Cloud environment. It covers how on-premises roles compare to cloud roles.