APN Partner Training and Certification

AWS Training and Certification helps APN Partners deepen their AWS knowledge and skills, differentiate their business, and better serve their customers

AWS Training and Certification enables APN Partners to support customers’ business and technical needs. We offer both digital and classroom training, so you can choose to learn best practices either online at your own pace or from an AWS instructor.

Whether you're just starting out, building on existing cloud skills, or sharpening your cloud knowledge, AWS Training and Certification can help APN Partners like you build competence, confidence, and credibility.

Training and Certification from AWS

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AWS Business Professional

Gain a basic understanding of AWS services and core business value propositions.

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AWS Technical Professional

Gain fundamental technical knowledge of AWS Cloud computing.

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AWS Professional Services

Develop and extend professional services competencies.

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Pick Your Training

Take advantage of the variety of available training options: digital training, classroom training, certification prep, and solutions training courses designed specifically for APN Partners.

Access Training by Solutions Area

You have the option to select training based on the solution area best suited to their area of interest. You may also select training by workload and advisory services.

Follow Your Path to AWS Certification

Use the skills you have developed to help you pursue AWS Certification. Getting AWS Certified builds credibility and confidence by validating cloud expertise with an industry-recognized credential.

Distinguish Your Organization

When individuals in your organization successfully complete accreditation and certification courses, it helps your organization showcase its expertise through our APN Tiers.

Get AWS Certified


Cloud Practitioner

Learn cloud fundamentals and best practices.

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Learn to design highly available systems.

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Learn to develop applications for the cloud.

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Learn to automate applications, networks, and systems.

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Additional Training Options & Resources

PartnerCast Webinars

Live and interactive, PartnerCast webinars teach you about AWS products and services, best practices, APN programs, and marketing. They are designed to help those in business roles learn to create new customer opportunities, enhance professional relationships, and develop training interests.

Regional Course Schedules

Regional course schedules give partners visibility and registration options for partner courses within their region.

AWS Cloud Economics

This course introduces partners to the benefits of migrating their customers to the AWS Cloud. Partners will learn about cost savings and data center economics in relation to cloud computing.

AWS Solutions Training for Partners: SAP on AWS (Business)

This course will provide APN Partners with new market data, case studies, and customer engagement models to help partners identify SAP workload opportunities for their customers.

AWS Solutions Training for Partners: VMWare Cloud on AWS (Business)

This course was built to provide APN Partners an introduction to the VMware Cloud on AWS. Partners will learn the key benefits and use-cases to identify and qualify VMware Cloud on AWS opportunities.

AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Well-Architected Best Practices (Technical)

This course teaches APN Partners to build high-quality solutions, implement best practices, identify potential issues with a customer's architecture, and make improvements when and where AWS customers need assistance.