AWS SimuLearn

Translate business problems into technical solutions— powered by generative AI

About AWS SimuLearn

With 200+ trainings available select your topic, role, or industry, engage with a virtual customer, develop architecture proposals with constructive feedback, then learn to build your AWS solutions, risk free.

Benefits of AWS SimuLearn

AWS SimuLearn uses realistic simulated scenarios powered by Amazon Bedrock generative AI, where you’ll receive a business narrative and engage with virtual customers through an interactive customer conversation.
Within your simulation you’ll gather requirements that will inform your architecture proposal, developing the problem solving skills necessary to identify and build the best solutions.
You’ll receive constructive feedback throughout your simulation to create your architectural proposal, developing the decision making skills required to identify the best solutions and architectural design.
Throughout your learning you’ll receive interactive diagrams and AWS concept videos related to solutions, and learn to build hands-on with image-based lab instructions including micro-level context or explanation about each lab step. To reinforce your learning, you’ll receive do-it-yourself (DIY) validation activities to complete your end-to-end experience.

AWS SimuLearn role and industry learning plans

Whether your new to cloud or a seasoned professional, AWS SimuLearn role and industry learning plans provide you with comprehensive training to grow your career.

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