Enterprises migrating to AWS require expertise, tools, and alignment of business and IT strategy. Many organizations can accelerate their migration, and their time to results, through partnership.

The AWS Partner Competency Program has validated that the partners below have demonstrated that they can help enterprise customers migrate applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS.





Migration Delivery Partners help customers through every stage of migration, accelerating results by providing personnel, tools, and education in the form of professional services. These partners either are, or have a relationship with an AWS audited Managed Service Provider to help customers with ongoing support of AWS workloads.

2nd Watch

Led by AWS-Certified professionals, we migrate enterprise workloads to AWS with little to no refactoring of the application.

2W Cloud Factory automates the end-to-end migration workflow for moving bulks of enterprise workloads from the data center to AWS - including extraction, batching, conversion, importing, configuring, launching and testing - within a reliable schedule and budget.


Accenture’s years of experience and collaboration with AWS to simplify migration at scale through assets optimization and factory models.

The Accenture Cloud Transformation Services for AWS offering helps clients accelerate the journey to cloud, plan and architect a strategy, execute on cloud migration at scale, accelerating the creation of new business value via rapid cloud-native application development.


BlazeClan develops and offers quality AWS infrastructure for your cloud needs that meets business expectations and sets long-term goals for growth and sustainability.

We built a strong migration practice with expertise in handling multiple complex projects from defining migration strategy to analyzing organization readiness, underlining best practices, and migrating the applications to the cloud.


BluePi with its unrivaled experience of migrating multiple workloads to cloud, deep domain expertise of AWS ecosystem, products and services helps design, build and manage scalable architecture with best practices implementation on cloud.

BluePi having experience and expertise in migrating workloads of different business verticals does a complete assessment of present environment, architecture, regulatory frameworks, security implementations, limitations, risks and various other factors to be considered while moving to cloud.


Bespin Global has been able to meet the requirements of demanding migration compartments based on standardized methodologies and exceptional consulting staff.

We provide a cost-effective system through cost optimization throughout the process from migration to service operation including PoC and migration.


We turn your cloud-first ambition into reality with our fully industrialized factory-driven model. Our end-to-end migration approach helps clients migrate existing applications and benefit from the agility, speed and pay-as-you-go model of the AWS Cloud.

Capgemini’s Cloud Choice with AWS, leverages AWS infrastructure services and best practices to help our customers migrate applications rapidly and safely from on-premise infrastructure to the AWS Cloud.


We take full responsibility of the AWS Cloud Migration of your business critical applications, focusing on scalability and performance while optimizing costs. We design, deploy and manage 24/7 the cloud architecture that best suits your business needs.

Become more responsive to the changing needs of your business thanks to an AWS Cloud Migration. Ensure the optimal performance of your servers and applications while being agile and flexible.

Class Method

Quick migration to cloud-native infrastructure with high performance, robust, elastic, secure, and low OPEX.

Comprehensive cloud migration service for users to take advantage of AWS's managed services, proven with customer references. Includes migration consulting & integrations, supported with 24x365 monitoring, based on our expertise in those area.


We offer cloud-native migration approach for your infrastructure & applications leveraging the full potential of AWS features.

We can help you transform your business and deliver high-performing applications, faster and more economically. Our methodology includes: strategy and roadmap, infrastructure audit, architecture design, automation, deployment, testing, cutover and disaster recovery planning.


Cloud Kinetics has the people, processes and technology that can help you make a seamless transition to the Cloud. Start reaping the business benefits of the Cloud sooner – such as increased agility, enhanced security, and reduced costs.

Cloud Kinetics has been helping customers to migrate all-in-cloud since 2014. The approach, evolved in-line with AWS CAF, has a 100% success rate. Our team aligns with customer stakeholders to highlight transformation value. We evolve, execute & manage the migration.

Cloud Technology Partners

CTP's Enterprise Migration Practice brings a comprehensive approach to cloud migration through the CTP Cloud Adoption Program.

Customers engage Cloud Technology Partners for enterprise migration because they know CTP's IP-enabled services approach provides a proven framework for migration-at-scale and that their time-to-value will be the highest in the industry.


Providing to support for building AWS environment based on optimized architecture and used by our own server image, it makes more reasonable and high secure.

Instead customers we perform the migration of existing site/ system, During the migration, we provide to review the architecture, version of middleware and setting of backup. As the result we achieve stable operation and safe system migration.


Cloudreach are a global thought leader in Cloud Data Center migrations. We have many case studies where our pioneering high velocity approach has proved very successful.

Our methodology to data center migrations provides an assessment, prioritization, categorization of your workloads, Cloud Migration Factory design, migration and, where required, managed services to provide a complete offering across the whole lifecycle.


Cognizant brings in repeatable “factory-based” approach for migration and best-in-class governance post-migration.

Cognizant Cloud Steps Transformation Framework combines foundational technology, industry depth and program management to build transformative migration solutions at scale. Our solutions simplify the journey to cloud, increase agility and maximize business value of migrating to cloud. 


Aligning your entire business in the cloud.

Deloitte amplifies cloud migration capabilities by leveraging industry insights, deep vendor relationships and knowledge of 3rd-party tools coupled with proprietary tools that perform detailed analysis and development of prioritize roadmap and migration.


Provides enterprise clients with a solution for reducing migration costs and maximizing AWS benefits.

DXC's Cloud Migration Services is a managed suite of services that leverages best-in-class technologies and the DXC global migration center of excellence to perform Discovery and Migration. These services use standardized and time-tested processes. 


EdifiXio started migration to the AWS platform in 2009, and has performed numerous successful projects since then.

EdifiXio is a consulting firm and systems integrator, which can provide you with expertise to design and build your AWS platform, migration services built on comprehensive experience and AWS methodology & tools, and 24x7 operation services.

Edrans SA

Take advantage of Edrans' ever-growing expertise to use the best available technologies when planning and implementing a migration.

Maximizing the benefit of modern cloud resources means something different to every client. It depends on where they are and where they want to go. When moving to the cloud, the focus of all the work of migration should be to get your company to the next stage.

FPT Software

End-to-end AWS migration solutions for large scale Microsoft, Oracle and SAP workloads delivered by staff certified by Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Migration service complimented by Amazon audited and certified Managed Services Practice.

Proven processes, methodologies and pre-built products to enable SAP, Endure, Oracle, Sharepoint migration to AWS and managed services with 3 level operation support afterward for 40+ customers across industries globally.

GS Neotek

Build a reliable system through a systematic migration process.

WiseN's Migration Program is based on a careful analysis of AWS's attributes, customer's infrastructure systems and business environment features, and takes into account the future management of the customer.


Our workload centric approach to migration significantly simplifies application lifecycle management on the AWS cloud.

Infosys’ automation (Ai) and knowledge (Ki) centric migration approach ensures zero business disruption during migration, native development or legacy modernization on AWS platform. Based on AWS CAF and Infosys’ helps clients achieve drastic savings in managing application lifecycle. 


Reduces complexity ensuring AWS environments are built to scale efficiently and securely throughout the application lifecycle. 

Cloud Control is a unique migration framework that leverages proprietary automation and expert-level DevOps engineering to design, build and manage AWS clouds. Next-gen tools & support fuel software-defined clouds that are agile and secure-by-design.


MegaZone provides four services for introduction, conversion and operation into Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, which are divided into Professional Service, Implementation Service, Manager Service and Billing Service.

When you consider migration to the cloud, Megazone’s AWS migration service helps you create a cloud Transformation Road map via Readiness Consulting, in which you'll be able to optimize the path to cloud-based workloads and realize your Cloud ideas.


NEC has numerous experiences of migration to AWS as well as integration of many mission critical systems for government organizations and Enterprise. The migration service is offered with knowledge of on-premises systems and adoption of AWS.

NEC provides consulting service for system migrations with the integration, the operations and the support. Based on best practices of AWS migration, our proposals for customers are well-balanced in terms of cloud optimization considerations.

REAN Cloud

Based on the migration experience of large enterprise systems, we propose migration according to various cloud usage forms including hybrid environment.

In order to ensure the execution of a large migration project, we provide solutions for the current system survey, migration model assuming AWS, stepwise migration plan formulation and execution.


Proven migration methodology. 30+ years enterprise system experience. Hands-on expert team. Accelerated processes and tooling.

Onica’s mass migration methodology accelerates the journey into the cloud. Leveraging 30+ years of experience building and managing critical systems, we specialize in seamless execution, crafting best-of-breed solutions that enable customers to leverage the power of AWS.

REAN Cloud

REAN Cloud migrates enterprise workloads to AWS via DevOps automation of performance, security, & compliance.

REAN Cloud brings a proven Migration DevOps Methodology to dramatically improve the speed of migration execution.  Our solution helps to secure applications while leveraging the flexibility, scalability, elasticity and cost-savings of the AWS Cloud.


Our product, named Cloud Automator, enables users to automate AWS operations and increase the reliability.

More than 400 migrations, our skillful AWS experts provides one stop solutions such as architecture and operational design, and smooth system migration with our deep expertise of AWS and technology.

Silver Lining

Our 3E culture: Efficient, Elaborate, Experience.

The management capabilities with Silver Lining's cloud platform services help our customers use public cloud services more easily, and enjoy the convenience and advantages of public cloud services with peace of mind.


Our value-stream approach ensures customers maximize business value migrating and running applications in AWS.

Slalom combines deep AWS infrastructure, DevOps and software engineering expertise enabling customers to develop and execute their journey to AWS.  Our holistic value-stream approach enables customers in realizing a faster ROI with lasting results.


Secure Migration services for highly regulated and compliance driven enterprises.

Smartronix Cloud Assured Migration Services help enterprises establish foundational services and controls that streamline the migration of critical business infrastructure to AWS. Security and compliance automation are built in, enabling greater visibility and control over cloud resources.


Storm Reply is a reliable partner that accompanies clients in developing applications and workloads on and in the Amazon cloud, in migrating these as well as in creating and managing architectures.

Storm Reply supports your organization with the development of a cloud strategy to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. We turn your cloud expectations into reality resulting in lower cost and shorter time-to-market.


TCS enables clients to accelerate their journey to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud leveraging its Cloud Migration Framework.

TCS has AWS cloud migration factory with expertise of migrating to AWS for various global customers. TCS has expertise in various migration frameworks, tools for analysis, orchestration and migration.

Version 1

With more than 1000 employees and €100 million in revenue, Version 1 is a leader in the migration, management and optimisation of enterprise applications in the cloud.

Version 1 is a leader in Enterprise Cloud services and was one of the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partners in Europe.


Innovation-led cloud partner to jump-start the digital transformation journey on AWS cloud.

As your innovation-led cloud migration partner, we leverage a standardized approach to power large scale enterprise migration initiatives, identify the right workloads to be migrated, mitigate the risk of migration through best-in-class migration frameworks, allocate experts for migration programs and create a cloud governance model to effectively run on the AWS cloud.

Migration Consulting partners provide expertise and training to help enterprises quickly develop specific capabilities or achieve specific outcomes. They provide consulting services to enable adoption of DevOps practices, to modernize applications, and implement solutions.


1Strategy can help you determine how to break apart monolithic applications to help you better take advantage of the AWS platform, including using services such as API gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, Elastic MapReduce and others.

1Strategy focuses exclusively on AWS, with experts having deployed AWS solutions since 2007. We have extensive experience & success in helping customers architect, migrate & deploy solutions on AWS.


Actwill is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the deployment, migration, operation, maintenance and software development of cloud platforms and determined to become the world's leading provider of cloud computing management services.

Actwill is an Advanced Consulting Partner since Dec 2017,Specialized in the deployment, migration, operation, maintenance and software development in cloud platforms.

Apps Associates

Full service life cycle:  Assess, Migrate and Manage for Oracle applications & databases or entire data center.

Assess: Automated discovery plus business process alignment, readiness, TCO, roadmap | Migrate: Cloud architecture design, lift-shift or modernize | Manage: AppslensTM for DevSecOps, automation, continuous improvement, governance & change management.


Reduces cost, uses simplified infrastructure management, improves security, increases agility, and promotes innovation.

Aquilent is a federal solution provider that continually identifies and solves our customers’ problems and anticipates future needs to advance their mission, in the areas of: Digital Services, DevOps/Application Development and Cloud Services – Migrations. 


Blue Sentry AWS-certified experts will work with you to design and architect the optimum environment to maximize the benefits of Amazon Cloud for you.

Blue Sentry was founded for one purpose: to deliver transformational cloud maturity on AWS. We have deep expertise in migration, security, DevOps, continuous deployment (CI/CD) and data services. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Services.

Candid Cloud Factory

Candid Cloud FactoryTM is a holistic, end-to-end framework that encompasses the complete migration process – from business case development, design and architecture, to cloud program management office implementation and optimization.

Candid framework allows your organization to gain increased agility and become more nimble in launching new products to market. The Candid Cloud FactoryTM framework enables clients to move successfully and efficiently through each phase of AWS migration initiatives.


Claranet’s tried and tested methodology has helped leading European organisations to intelligently migrate to the cloud. Claranet has a wealth of experience delivering large, successful migration projects, where the business benefits are clear.  

Claranet’s comprehensive migration framework considers how each workload should be treated to gain the full benefits of moving to the cloud. Claranet’s dedicated team of site-reliability engineers are focused on building long-term, strategic relationships with our customers, and supporting them from their first engagement to the continuous improvement of their services.


Dedalus offers consulting services, strategic analysis and migration to companies of all sizes and segments.

Our Managed Services were created to meet the broader needs of the use of AWS services and offer services to ensure complete operating environments in the cloud.


Flux7 empowers enterprises to migrate on their own by providing infrastructure, coaching and automation.

Flux7‘s award-winning services deliver best practices based templates and automation to migrate, manage and extend infrastructure. We teach you how to use templates to provision infrastructure and migrate applications on your own terms.


Itera has deep experience in migration projects on AWS in Latin America and Spain, has highly trained staff, tools and process to successfully execute critical and high complexity migration projects.

Itera has extensive proven experience in the region implementing technology in the AWS cloud, we have successful references in large and medium organizations in Latin America and Spain.

Ensure high availability and smooth data migration from on-premises

CTC presents a solution that creates a database migration plan from on-premises environment to AWS and supports one-stop with the completion of actual migration work. Engineers with knowledge and experience on AWS and database migration will propose the optimal migration method based on the usage status of the existing system and the migration requirements and implement data conversion work and migration work from the existing system.


nClouds speeds migrations to AWS by combining award-winning DevOps, MSP, container, and AWS Well-Architected expertise with proven, IP-enabled automation to rehost, replatform, and refactor workloads.

As the industry cloud leader for 12 years, AWS delivers profound improvements in operational costs, workforce productivity, cost avoidance, operational resilience, and business agility, providing value across the organization.


Our global experts hold multiple AWS certifications, and have deep business and technical knowledge.

Pythian has the business and technical knowledge to help clients benefit from an AWS migration, replacing existing infrastructure to increase scalability, reliability, cost savings, and performance.


End-to-end guidance for moving your environments to AWS. Reduce your risk with certified experts guiding your migration.

Rackspace has developed a tried and tested cloud migration methodology that helps maximize, optimize and accelerate investment in AWS technologies. This methodology and our hands-on project management experience enable Rackspace customers to transform their IT operations by simplifying and optimizing the feature-rich AWS environment while reducing the risks and resources required to move to AWS.


Relus Cloud’s migration and discovery practice helps customers transition from any on-premise or cloud environment to AWS by utilizing a seamless, non-disruptive, approach focused on AWS security and architecture best practices.

Relus Cloud’s industry-leading cloud discovery and migration practice helps customers transition from any on-premise or cloud environment to AWS with agility, speed, security, and no disruption to the business.


For almost a decade, Sourced has been assisting leading global enterprises in highly regulated industries to migrate their applications and workloads from physical datacenters to the AWS cloud platform.

Our consulting practice is focused on large-scale enterprise cloud transformations by leveraging the best-of-breed cloud technologies that meet the requirements of the most risk-averse organizations.


Experts in migrating complex & highly integrated workloads and successfully deploying them on the AWS platform.

Beyond traditional IT, TriNimbus uses its DevOps skillset going deep into various workloads, architecting, migrating and automating your environment to fully utilize the AWS platform, and deliver a highly secure and cost efficient solution.


Versent practices rapid migration to the cloud. Our goal is to enable full-scale migration to AWS so that you and your organisation can enjoy the benefits and cost savings from operating in the cloud quickly and safely.

Our rapid migration approach leans on our experience and knowledge gained helping enterprises migrate to the cloud. This means that even though you are performing your first - and last - migration, you have the experience that comes from many successful migrations under your belt.


Adopt – Migration to AWS, assessment and comprehensive cloud strategy. Embrace – Migration and implementation. Optimize – Optimization and management services.

Our offerings include end-to-end migration including discovery, plan, analysis, migration, and optimization with program management oversight. Our factory is based on a migration pipeline supported by best of breed tools & specialized, core/flex teams.

Discover IT assets across your application portfolio, identify dependencies and requirements, and build your comprehensive migration plan with this technology suite.


The Deloitte ATAVision Discovery Module gives customers line-of-sight across their entire current state enterprise IT infrastructure, regardless of platform, by removing manual discovery through automation.

Workload discovery is a manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process for many companies. ATAVision™, Deloitte’s automated discovery solution, uses an agentless architecture to automate data collection, generate on-demand reports, and create deeper insights into your IT infrastructure, regardless of the platform. ATAVision also delivers application dependency mapping and affinity details for rapid IT transformation.



Breadth of functionality (assess / plan / manage) and high fidelity of data collected and recommendations made.

Cloudamize analytics helps customers make data-driven cloud deployment decisions with confidence. Cloudamize supports each phase of the cloud journey from migration planning through to ongoing cost/performance optimization to maximize cloud ROI.

RISC Networks

Understand the TCO of your migration to AWS based on on-premises utilization and configuration.

CloudHealth Migration Assessment simplifies AWS migrations by analyzing workloads and making recommendations on cost, EC2 types, and Reservations. Once assets are in AWS, CloudHealth provides visibility, optimization, and governance of your cloud.

RISC Networks

Automated/data driven discovery of an application portfolio, its dependencies, and EC2 instance(s) needed.

Accelerate the migration process by gaining comprehensive visibility into your environment. Build a plan based on real data that is live. Understand what apps exist, their dependencies, resource requirements and recommended EC2 instance. 

TSO Logic

Turbonomic is the only platform that delivers workload automation for hybrid clouds by simultaneously optimizing performance, cost and compliance in real time. Turbonomic is API driven and runs as an agentless VM in AWS and on-premises.

Turbonomic delivers workload automation for hybrid clouds by simultaneously optimizing performance, cost and compliance in real time. Organizations can plan migrations, properly scale workloads and migrate to AWS on-time, and on-budget.

TSO Logic

TSO Match replaces static data and guesswork with algorithmic analysis. It quickly profiles millions of data points determine your best fits from thousands of possible combinations – based on up-to-the minute pricing and compute type availability.

To simplify the planning and migration processes, TSO Logic offers its TSO Match solution, over an eight week period, to quickly determine best-fit AWS cloud instance and storage configurations, along with a strong business case to fast-track migration.

Execute migrations to AWS by capturing your host server, configuration, storage, and network states, then provision and configure your AWS target resources.


Cloud migrations of enterprise-class workloads can tax IT resources and cause costly downtime and business disruption. ATAMotion™ is purpose-built for enterprise cloud migration with agentless deployment, automated transfer of live workloads to any target environment, and orchestrated infrastructure provisioning—all with minimal business disruption.

ATAMotion™ is purpose-built for enterprise cloud migration with agentless deployment, automated transfer of live workloads to any target environment, and orchestrated infrastructure provisioning—all with minimal business disruption.


Live-migration of any Windows/Linux servers with no system disruption and only minutes of downtime at cutover.

CloudEndure provides Live-Migration and Disaster Recovery for any application workload. Using CloudEndure's block-level, continuous replication, you can mobilize application workloads to and across clouds, with near-zero downtime and no data loss


Smart: Confirms a server will successfully migrate before you migrate Simple: No agents to install on source, no source hypervisor access required Low-risk: Runs migrations live, clones your servers, no rollback plan required Scalable: Scale Out Migration.  

Designed for enterprise AWS customer migrations, RiverMeadow SaaS provides high performance, secure workload migrations into AWS. RiverMeadow offers an agentless SaaS delivered migration service for secure, efficient, and automated workload migrations.

Gain valuable insights into your applications by capturing and analyzing performance data, usage, and monitoring dependencies before and after migration.

App Dynamics

Baseline/validate pre/post-migration performance. Identify/resolve performance issues.Know dependencies for migration.

If your business runs on apps, Application Intelligence is for you. Real-time insights into application performance, user experience, business outcomes: see faster with unified monitoring, act sooner with unified troubleshooting, and know more with unified analytics.


Dynatrace provides all-in-one performance monitoring before, during and after your migration journey.

Dynatrace artificial intelligence automatically learns how your application performs, visualizes all relevant data in real-time and understands the dependencies of your environment. Get full operational insights into your stack end-to-end.

New Relic

Real-time app performance monitoring with SaaS convenience and availability for cloud and hybrid applications.

In a full or hybrid migration, New Relic SaaS application monitoring gives visibility into customer code and AWS services. This visibility is used to benchmark performance, troubleshoot, and see the impact of app and infrastructure changes.

Technology that helps you effectively transfer large data sets and databases from multiple sources into your target AWS resources.


Quick and easy setup, change data capture (CDC), data integrity with check mechanisms, secure data transfer with industry-standard SSL encryption, and cost savings.

Attunity CloudBeam automates and accelerates data loading from multiple data sources to Amazon Web Services continuously with zero downtime.

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