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Learn more about how Amazon Textract easily extracts data from documents. 

What is Amazon Textract? (1:49)
Get Started with Machine Learning | AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning | Amazon Textract (1:06:53)
Extract Text and Data from Any Document with No Prior ML Experience - AWS Online Tech Talks (36:48)
Learn How to Process Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans Using Amazon Textract (7:18)

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Learn more about how you can get started with Amazon Textract by using our code samples on Github.


  • 10-Minute Tutorial

    Amazon Textract

    Extract text and structured data

    In this tutorial, you learn how to use Amazon Textract to extract text and structured data from a document. You will sign in to Amazon Textract, extract raw text, forms, and table cells from a sample document, download the results, and learn about human review.


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Learn more about how Amazon Textract extracts printed text, handwriting, and structured data from virtually any document.

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