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Learn to stream and monetize live and on-demand video from AWS media experts

Explore the world of media services and learn to deliver professional quality media experiences using AWS Media Services. We offer over 25 courses and hands-on labs designed for business decision makers, media engineers, and media operators. These courses can help you learn to design and develop media solutions, master the skills needed for daily operations of services, and choose the solutions that best fits your needs. Progress from foundational video concepts to technical deep dives, and help your organization deliver live streaming, video-on-demand, monetization, data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.

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Business Decision Maker

Learn more about using AWS Media Services for the foundations of media workflows


Media Engineer

Learn to design and develop media solutions that drive business results

Media Operator

Learn about the skills needed for daily operations of services, including live, video-on-demand, and appliances


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Take training designed to fit your specific Media Services goals with one of three role-based learning paths.

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Our downloadable Ramp-Up Guide offers a variety of resources to help build your AWS Media Services knowledge. Explore free digital training, classroom courses, videos, whitepapers, and more.

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Media Essentials for Business Decision Makers

Learn the media and cloud fundamentals that empower you to develop a cloud strategy that meets your business goals.

Introduction to AWS Media Services

Learn how AWS Media Services can be used to deliver live and on-demand video by implementing video processing, storage, and monetization workflows in the cloud.

Digital | 30 minutes

Create Streaming Video with Captions, Subtitles, and Audio Tracks Using AWS AI Services

This course provides an explanation of how to create a workflow, to automate the generation of captions, alternate language subtitles and alternate language audio tracks using Amazon’s AI Services: Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Polly.

Digital | 30 minutes