Save when you migrate VMware Cloud on AWS workloads to AWS

With years of experience helping VMware customers at scale, you can expect optimized performance, enhanced security, reliable operations, and significant cost-savings in your migration to AWS. The AWS VMware Migration Accelerator (VMA) provides customers credits when migrating VMware Cloud on AWS workloads to Amazon EC2. Customers get to lower costs, speed up migration, and reduce risks with this incentive.

Until December 31, 2024, VMware Cloud on AWS customers can earn AWS promotional credits for migrating virtual machines (VMs) to Amazon EC2.

  • Migrate 80+ VMs in a month, get up to $400 credit per migrated VM
  • Migrate 40 to 79 VMs in a month, get up to $200 credit per migrated VM

To qualify, each migrated VM must run on AWS for at least 720 hours after migration. VMware Migration Accelerator incentives are not applicable to Amazon EC2 T2 and T3 instances. AWS promotional credits are subject to the terms and conditions found here and are valid for one year from the applicable disbursement date.


Lower migration costs

Leverage AWS best practices, tools, and promotional credits to reduce VMware migration costs, including offsetting expenses from running parallel environments.

Accelerate migration timelines

Use AWS Application Migration Service to rehost VMware Cloud on AWS workloads to Amazon EC2 without refactoring, minimizing downtime. Earn AWS Promotional Credits when migrating 40+ VMware servers per month.

Mitigate risk

Set predictable schedules and budgets by rehosting workloads that can be easily migrated. Meet critical timelines, control costs, and prioritize modernization plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different tiers of VMA?
There are 2 tiers for incentives:

VMware Migration Accelerator tiers

  Calendar month requirement AWS Promotional Credit

Tier 1

Migrate over 80 VM per month

$400 per VM

Tier 2

Migrate 40-79 VM per month $200 per VM

How are the credits dispersed? When do credits expire?
We apply AWS promotional credits on the AWS accounts running the migrated workloads. The credits can be applied towards any metered AWS service. The promotional credits expire after 12 months of issuance date. The credits will be calculated and paid upon completion of the migration.  

What workloads are eligible for VMA incentives?
VMA incentives are applicable for migrations from VMware Cloud on AWS to EC2 only. For migrations from on-premises, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) workloads to AWS, use AWS Migration Acceleration Program.

Will my Linux VM on VMC-A server qualify for this program?
Yes. VMA program credits are based on Virtual Machine (VM) irrespective of the Operating System (OS) that runs on it. The VM running Linux does qualify for VMA incentives.

I am not using AWS Application Migration Service to migrate VMC-A workload to EC2. Will the migration workload qualify for VMA incentive?
Yes, while we recommend the use of AWS Application Migration Service (MGN), eligible workloads qualify for VMA benefits irrespective of the migration tool used. Reach out to your AWS representative to nominate the opportunity.

How to get started

Contact your AWS representative regarding VMA or email us at