AWS Well-Architected Tool features

In-Workflow Best Practices

The AWS Well-Architected Tool provides APIs that allow you to extend AWS Well-Architected functionality, best practices, measurements, and learnings into your existing architecture governance processes, applications, and workflows.

Customized Reviews

The AWS Well-Architected Tool enables you to create your own custom lenses, which means you can add your own best practices pillars and questions based on what’s most important to your organization.

Workload & Custom Lenses Sharing

With the AWS Well-Architected Tool, you can easily share your workloads and custom lenses with up to 300 individual IAM users or accounts, or across an entire organization through integration with AWS Organizations, enhancing collaboration amongst teams.

Enhanced Discovery

Integrations with other AWS Services like AWS Trusted Advisor and AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry help you more easily discover the information needed to answer Well-Architected review questions and shorten your review time.

Sustainability Best Practices

Reviewing your workload against sustainability best practices in the AWS Well-Architected Tool can help you understand the energy consumption and environmental impact of your workload, helping your organization meet its sustainability goals.

Public Sector Reviews

The AWS Well-Architected Tool is also available in the GovCloud Region (US), which means customers with specific regulatory and compliance requirements, as well as AWS partners, can conduct self-service Well-Architected reviews.

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