Full-Stack Developer

What is a Full-Stack Developer?

You want to learn about both client and server-side code and understand how the full suite of technologies making up a website work. On the client side, you want to build everything you actually see on a website (e.g., the layout, the positioning of text and images, colors, fonts, buttons, etc.) using, typically, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On the server side, you want to create algorithms and business logic to manipulate data that is received from the client side.

What Will I Learn?

Deploy a web app to AWS

Create and host a web app that renders "Hello World" and set it up so users can easily access it.

Build a serverless backend

Create a serverless function to trigger based on custom inputs in a text field.

Store data in a database

Store data from the custom input field and render that text on your website.

Get Started!

This tutorial will teach you how to build a basic web application in about 30 minutes.

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