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AWS and AWS Partners solutions help customers integrate genomic data at the point-of-care.

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Solution: HIPAA on AWS

AWS enables covered entities and their business associates subject to the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to use the secure AWS environment to process, maintain, and store protected health information.

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GRAIL uses AWS to pioneer early-stage cancer testing using machine learning for more than 50 cancer types.

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Genetic testing provider Myriad Genetics uses AWS to quickly and accurately process enormous amounts of sequencing data in its bioinformatics and machine learning pipelines as it runs clinical testing at scale.

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Nationwide Children’s Hospital processes compute-intensive clinical genomics data securely and at scale to diagnose and treat patients as it also works toward a greater understanding of human genomics.

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"DNAnexus Titan blends the scalability of AWS with a tailor made experience designed for large-scale genomic analyses. Combined with clinical information top pharma companies have been able to annotate variants and their functional consequences to the genome to identify new drug targets or reposition compounds in their drug portfolio."

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“The Seven Bridges platform and Seven Bridges analysis tools such as GRAF™ and ARIA™ rely on the flexibility and scalability of AWS to enable researchers to take advantage of massive repositories of genomic and phenotypic data — which have the potential to reveal transformative insights into the underpinnings of disease, novel therapeutic approaches and in silico disease models.”

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"Roche’s collaboration with AWS in support of NAVIFY Mutation Profiler enables us to easily provide content updates and efficiently manage the data workflow in a secure environment that values the safety of patient data"

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The DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform by Illumina enables ultra-rapid analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data for large data sets, such as whole genomes, exomes, and genes/panels. The analysis includes mapping, aligning, sorting, duplicate marking, small variant calling, and more.

Executive brief: Genomic data security and compliance with AWS

From clinical genomics to population-scale programs, the genomics industry builds on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a secure cloud environment for building compliant genomics workflows and applications. 

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