Smarter homes, happier customers

Build better smart home products with AWS IoT and Alexa

With AWS IoT, you can quickly, easily, and securely build differentiated connected home products at a low cost. To further enrichen the customer experience, you can easily integrate your connected products with Alexa to allow your customers to control their devices with voice commands.

Secure Connectivity
AWS IoT services help you protect your devices and maintain the trust of your customers.
Global Scalability
Support fleets of millions of devices around the globe with millisecond latency and low costs.
Centralize Threat Detection Across Accounts
Customer Insights
Quickly understand how customers interact with your devices so you can rapidly make improvements.

Learn How to Build Smarter Home Products with AWS IoT and Amazon Alexa

Explore the following resources to learn how AWS IoT and Alexa can help you to build better smart home products.

See AWS IoT and Alexa in Action with Vizio

The consumer electronics landscape changes rapidly. To stay at the forefront of customer expectations, VIZIO needed to deliver new features and capabilities even after a TV had been purchased. VIZIO wanted to provide an Alexa-enabled experience to their customers, but building the required end-to-end IoT solution themselves would have been too expensive, time consuming, and distracting from their core competencies. In this video, VIZIO's Chief Technology Officer explains how AWS IoT and Amazon Alexa enables them to quickly, easily, and securely connect millions of TVs and create an exceptional experience for their hundreds of thousands of customers. 

See AWS IoT and Alexa in Action with Vizio (2:58)

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