Introduction of new Value Added Tax (VAT) : Customer action required

Dear AWS Customer,

You may be aware of the recent proposal by the Taiwanese Ministry of Finance (“MOF”) to impose Taiwanese Value Added Tax (“VAT”) at 5% on supplies of digital services by nonresident enterprises to Taiwan-resident consumers. This tax is only intended to apply to Taiwanese individual customers and is not expected to impact corporate customers. We wanted to let you know that the law is final effective 5/1/2017.

As such, if your account has a Taiwanese billing address, VAT will be charged beginning your next monthly AWS invoice unless you provide us with your Tax Registration Number (i.e. 8 digit Unified Business Number - UBN). If you haven’t already provided your UBN, please go to your tax settings page ( in AWS Billing Console and input your 8 digit UBN (under Taiwan in the country drop down box).

Given the above, if you (or your linked account) are a corporate customer in Taiwan, we strongly recommend that you confirm your identity by providing your UBN. If you feel you have received this notification in error, please review your account settings and make the necessary updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact your AWS support center.