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If you’re a beginner looking for a clear starting point to help you build a career or learn to produce games in the AWS Cloud, we recommend you start with an AWS Learning Plan.
This set of on-demand courses will increase your knowledge of game servers and game analytics and help grow your technical skills to solve real-world game development, compute, and analytics problems.

Learn step-by-step with an AWS for Games Learning Plan

AWS Learning Plans offer a suggested set of digital courses designed to give beginners a clear path to learn. AWS for Games Learning Plans eliminate the guesswork—you don’t have to wonder if you’re starting in the right place or taking the right courses.

You’ll be guided through a recommended curriculum built by AWS experts that you can take at your own pace. Complete the full plan, or choose the courses that interest you. After you complete a plan, you’ll be better able to deliver games and optimize your player experience with AWS for Games. You’ll have gained skills to help you enter careers in game production, development, and operations, and you’ll grow your understanding of AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon GameLift, Amazon container services, and more.

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Dive deep into AWS for Games with the AWS Ramp-Up Guide

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the broader range of learning materials available on AWS for Games, including digital courses, blogs, whitepapers, and more, we recommend our Ramp-Up Guide.

AWS experts have constructed this downloadable guide to help you navigate the broad set of resources and content to help you develop your skills in game tech—all in one place. Whether you prefer to read articles, view PDFs, or take digital courses, you can use this guide at your own pace. It will help you understand all your learning options and determine which are best for you based on your knowledge and skill level.

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Browse individual on-demand AWS courses

Are you looking to solve an immediate technical or business problem? Do you want to sample an AWS Training before starting a full learning plan? Or do you want to customize your learning journey? Explore all our digital trainings for courses relevant to all skill levels. Watch our most popular trainings below, or browse our full selection to find one that interests you.

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