Amazon EC2 instances
featuring AMD EPYC processors

AWS+AMD Lockup

Amazon EC2 instances featuring AMD EPYC processors provide up to 45% lower cost than comparable instances*

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale cloud computing easier for developers.  Through our partnership with AMD, AWS offers additional EC2 instances that add to the broadest and deepest portfolio of instances and enables you to optimize both cost and performance for your workload needs.

* For AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

Introducing Amazon EC2 Instances Powered by AMD EPYC

EC2 Instances Powered by AMD EPYC

Compute Optimized


Leading x86 price-performance ideal for compute bound applications that benefit from high performance processors

Built for: batch processing, distributed analytics, data transformations, log analysis, and web applications.

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Memory Optimized


Fast performance for workloads that process large data sets in memory

Built for: high performance databases, distributed web scale in-memory caches, mid-size in-memory databases, real time big data analytics, and other enterprise applications.

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General Purpose


Balanced compute, memory, and networking resources for general purpose workloads

Built for: business critical applications, web and application servers, back-end servers for enterprise applications, gaming servers, caching fleets, and app development environments.

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General Purpose - Burstable


Baseline level of CPU performance with the ability to burst CPU usage at any time for as long as required

Built for: micro-services, low-latency interactive applications, small and medium databases, virtual desktops, development environments, code repositories, and business-critical applications.

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Flexibility and Choice

EC2 instances featuring AMD EPYC processors provide additional choices to help you optimize both cost and performance for your workloads.  Available now in the EC2 compute optimized (C5a), general purpose (M5a), general purpose burstable (T3a), and memory optimized (R5a) instance families.

Better Economics

EC2 instances featuring AMD EPYC processors deliver up to 45% lower cost compute and memory compared to comparable instances*. Since many workloads utilize only a fraction of the processor's maximum performance, these instances offer a better fit for many workloads. Additionally, C5a instances offer the lowest price per x86 vCPU in the EC2 family.

* For AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

Seamless Workload Migration

Easily migrate applications currently running on existing EC2 instances to the new AMD-based variants with little to no modification. These instances are available in the same sizes and offer application compatibility with the C5, T3, M5, and R5 instances, so you can start using them just like your other EC2 instances.



AMD EPYC Processors

Amazon EC2 instances featuring AMD EPYC processors provide additional choices to help you optimize both cost and performance for your workloads.

EC2 C5a instances feature 2nd generation AMD EPYC processors with all core clock speed of 3.3 GHz with an efficient 7nm process node and expanded memory bandwidth. EC2 M5a, R5a, and T3a instances feature 1st generation AMD EPYC processors with an all core turbo clock speed of 2.5 GHz.

AMD-based instances provide additional options for customers and may offer a better fit for many workloads that do not fully utilize the compute resources. By optimizing the balance between compute resources and utilization, these instances provide up to 45% lower cost than comparable instances.*

*For AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

Built on AWS Nitro System

The AWS Nitro System, delivers a rich collection of building blocks that offloads many of the traditional virtualization functions to dedicated hardware. By doing so, the AWS Nitro System enables high performance, high availability, and high security while also reducing virtualization overhead.

High Performance Network and Storage

Next-generation Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) provides high throughput, low latency interfaces for networking and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). EC2 instances featuring AMD EPYC processors offer up to 20 Gbps of network bandwidth and up to 13.5 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth to Amazon EBS. M5ad, and R5ad instances have local NVMe storage for workloads that require very low latency and storage access with high random read and write IOPS ability.

Reliable Infrastructure

Amazon EC2 offers a highly reliable environment where replacement instances can be rapidly and predictably commissioned. The service runs within Amazon’s proven network infrastructure and data centers. The Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement commitment is 99.99% availability for each Amazon EC2 Region.

Customer Success Stories


Wego is the leading online travel marketplace in Asia Pacific and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and it harnesses powerful yet simple technology that automates the process of searching and comparing results from hundreds of airline, hotel and online travel agency websites. We operate 60 country sites in over 22 languages and 58 currencies supporting millions of travelers every month. We had been using Amazon EC2 M5a instances since last year for our microservices, and soon after the EC2 C5a instances were launched, we migrated our Java-based metasearch services to these instances. With no code changes necessary, the transition was seamlessly completed in just a few days and it allowed us to achieve more than 30% cost savings.


Thatgamecompany studio (best known for beautifully designed games such as Flow, Flower and Journey), has recently seen the major benefits of using C5a to support our games. Sky: Children of the Light, which Apple named 2019’s iPhone Game of the Year, leans into C5a to support Sky’s backend services including Account Services, Load Balancing, Matchmaking, and more. Making the migration to C5a was straight-forward and easy, and we immediately saw the cost and performance benefits of doing so. As a longtime fan of AMD, I was excited to see their new 2nd Gen EPYC processors offered in the C5 family on AWS.