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Organizations now demand more value from rapidly expanding data sources. For those looking to grow their machine learning, advanced analytics, and data science practice, it can be difficult to identify a cost-effective solution that leverages the appropriate tools and resources and can be deployed quickly to deliver rapid business value.

Vertical Trail offers a proven solution that can get you from use case conception to business value in eight weeks or less. Combining Immersion Workshops by our specialized cloud analytics consultants with our Troodon Analytics Hub on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Data Science Acceleration with Troodon Analytics Hub includes everything you need to get an effective data science environment up and running.

The Troodon Analytics Hub solution offering helps organizations (1) quickly define goals and requirements, (2) align the right technologies to address the identified opportunity or challenge, and (3) create a complete and secure advanced analytics solution to deliver actionable insights organization-wide.



Market acceleration

Gain market value by quickly delivering advanced analytics and data science services to the business

Innovation acceleration

Evolve the tools and capabilities of your teams without traditional technology constraints

Enterprise acceleration

Offer analytics and data science capabilities via a modern, managed, and cost-effective platform

Vertical Trail Solutions

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  • How it works
  • Vertical Trail has coupled its proven analytics operating framework with a powerful, cloud-based advanced analytics hub deployed on AWS called Troodon.

    Vertical Trail offers several versions of Troodon Analytics Hub based on the experience and maturity of the client’s data science organization. Those starting out may prefer utilizing only native AWS services to keep costs controlled. Other, more advanced data consumers may prefer a premier Troodon Analytics Hub deployment, which can be integrated with additional front or backend solutions.

    Upon engagement, Vertical Trail will begin by conducting a Use Case Immersion Workshop, in which Vertical Trail consultants work with key stakeholders to understand current business strategies and identify high-value use cases that align with those strategies. Separately, Vertical Trail conducts a Technology Immersion Workshop with your IT stakeholders to understand the current technology landscape and identify customizations required to comply with specific network, security, and data governance practices.

    Following the initial workshops, Vertical Trail will design, customize, and deploy your custom Troodon Analytics Hub on AWS. Whether you are new to the cloud or have a current Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Vertical Trail consultants will set up your environment to meet all client and AWS Cloud best practices. Vertical Trail will then build data pipelines to access your defined data sources and execute ingestion paths into a fully functional analytics hub environment. Troodon Analytics Hub leverages modern AWS Cloud services, including infrastructure-as-code, serverless architecture, and a service catalog providing easy access to data science and data management tools. Following deployment, Vertical Trail will support your team in executing pilot use cases to demonstrate immediate business value.

    Vertical Trail offers an ongoing management and support option that can be tailored to your needs, including options such as 24/7 monitoring and platform support, data engineering services, and other advanced AWS Cloud engineering services. Vertical Trail can also assist in transitioning support of the environment to your internal technology team, including training and delivery of a comprehensive Troodon User Manual with common troubleshooting tips.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Immersion Workshops

    Identify use cases, understand the technology landscape, and define a data hub and analytics architecture

    2) Customizations

    Adapt to integrate existing technologies and comply with client network, security, and governance requirements

    3) Deployment

    Deploy and thoroughly test the customized Troodon Analytics Hub environment and data ingestion pipelines

    4) Pilot use case

    Build and assist with executing the initial use cases identified in the Use Case Immersion Workshop

    5) Transition to ongoing support

    Establish and migrate to an ongoing support model customized to the needs of the client

  • Customer contribution
  • Stakeholder participation

    Participation and timely input from key business and technology stakeholders

    Security requirements

    Access to security infrastructure and policies as needed to adhere to security guidelines and compliance audit

    Data access

    Secure access to necessary data sources

    Network and user access controls

    Access to network requirements and secure access controls and policies

  • About this consultant
  • Vertical Trail is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and an Amazon EMR Service Delivery Partner and has achieved the AWS Data & Analytics Competency. 

    Vertical Trail provides modern, data-driven solutions built to run in the cloud. Using modern cloud and data technologies, Vertical Trail creates new and innovative solutions that improve performance, deliver meaningful impacts, and accelerate outcomes.

    Vertical Trail consists of experts in cloud-enabled innovation fueled by machine learning, analytics, and AI. Their passion is data. Vertical Trail believes the answers to today’s greatest challenges lie within data. Vertical Trail is focused on exposing high-value and life-changing insights that help organizations compete and grow.

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