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Product Overview

Datomic Cloud is a new kind of database, designed to be:
- Transactional (ACID compliant and always consistent)
- Elastically read scalable (built for AWS auto-scaling)
- Immutable (accumulating facts over time)
- Queryable (via Datomic datalog, a powerful declarative query language)
- Flexible (in schema design and modification, deployment topology, and usage scenarios)

Datomic leverages AWS technology, including DynamoDB, S3, EFS, and CloudFormation to provide an integrated database solution for your AWS-native applications. The Datomic architecture takes full advantage of the capabilities of AWS to provide seamless elastic auto-scaling and encryption (at rest and in transit, using AWS KMS), with usage-based pricing. Datomic also utilizes AWS technologies for monitoring and logging (CloudWatch), and deployment (CloudFormation), providing fully integrated operation and management from within the AWS Console.

Datomic Cloud is an operational database management system - designed for transactional, domain-specific data. It is, by definition, not designed to be a data warehouse, nor a high-churn, high-throughput system, such as a time-series database or log store. It is a good fit for systems that store valuable information of record. Some examples of successful Datomic use cases include transactional data, business records, medical records, financial records, scientific records, inventory, configuration, web applications, departmental databases, and web applications.

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