Amazon Mobile Analytics has no upfront costs, no minimum charges or subscription fees. You pay only for what you use. Amazon Mobile Analytics offers a free tier of 100 million free events per month. Beyond the free tier, it costs $1.00 per million events per month.

If you have enabled the Auto Export to Amazon S3 feature in Amazon Mobile Analytics, you pay also for the storage of your events, which are compressed, in your Amazon S3 bucket. 1 GB of Amazon S3 storage can contain roughly 20 million events. Pricing information for Amazon S3 can be found here.

If you have also enabled Auto Export to Amazon Redshift, you also pay for an Amazon Redshift node (dw2.large), and an Amazon EC2 (t2.micro) instance which handles regular loading of your app data from your Amazon S3 bucket to Amazon Redshift. You may also incur charges for use of Amazon CloudWatch if you have enabled this optional feature. Detailed pricing for these services can be found here (Amazon Redshift, Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudWatch), and a detailed pricing example is provided below.

Events are sent to Amazon Mobile Analytics from your app via the AWS Mobile SDK or the REST API. There are three types of events: system events (e.g. the start or end of a session), in-app purchase events, and custom events (e.g. a specific action in your app such a user completing a level in a game, or a user viewing a particular screen). When you use the AWS Mobile SDK, the SDK automatically sends 2 system events for each session (recording the start and end of a user’s session with your app). Beyond these 2 system events, you can instrument your app with the AWS Mobile SDK to send additional events including in-app revenue tracking events and custom events that you create for your app. You can find more information on event types in the Amazon Mobile Analytics Documentation.

Consider this pricing example: Your app has 20 million sessions per month, and each session has 10 custom events. In this scenario the cost of using Amazon Mobile Analytics is calculated as follows.

Amazon Mobile Analytics Pricing Example (without Auto Export)

Monthly Sessions

20 million

Events Processed Per Session

2 system events per session + 10 custom events per session  

= 12 events per session

Events Processed In Total

12 events per session * 20 million sessions

= 240 million events


240 million events

– 100 million free events

x $1.00 per million events

= $140 per month

Amazon Mobile Analytics Pricing Example (with Auto Export to Amazon S3)

Amazon Mobile Analytics (see above example) 

$140 per month

Amazon S3 bucket*

Average monthly cost of $0.03/GB stored**

Total Cost (Amazon S3 only)

$140.36 per month for 20 million sessions with 240 million events

Amazon Mobile Analytics Pricing Example (with Auto Export to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift)

Amazon Mobile Analytics with Amazon S3 storage (see above example)

$140.36 per month

Amazon EC2 Instance (t2.micro)*

$9.36 per month

           Amazon Redshift Cluster                (single node dc1.large)*

$180 per month

AWS CloudWatch*

$1 per month

Total Cost (Amazon S3 & Amazon Redshift)

$330.72 per month for 20 million sessions with 240 million events

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*Prices are based on paid tiers and availability in the IAD region. Additional costs may apply.

**US Standard price for the first 1TB of S3 data stored is $0.03/GB. 20 million analytics events (compressed) consumes approximately 1GB of storage. Your S3 charges will depend on the volume of events stored and the duration over which these are accumulated. If your app sends 20 million events per month, this would cost $0.03/month in the first month, and $0.36/month in month 12 (20 million events x 12 months of data).