Getting started with AWS Outposts is simple – you order Outposts capacity and AWS personnel deliver and install the Outpost rack in your facility. You can then launch Amazon EC2 instances, EBS volumes, and S3 storage and deploy applications to your Outpost. You can also work with APN consulting partners for strategy and technology advisory services to migrate and run your workloads on AWS Outposts.

Select your Outpost configuration

Log-in to the AWS Management Console. Select an Outpost configuration from a catalog of options that provide the EC2, EBS, and S3 capacity best suited for your application needs and site characteristics. You can also contact us to create a custom configuration if you are not able to find a configuration for your unique application needs.

Getting Started with AWS Outposts (2:47)


Submit your order through the AWS Management Console. We will work with you to ensure your Outpost meets minimum power, networking, and space requirements to host an Outposts. Once we have validated your site, we will then work with you to schedule the delivery and installation of your Outpost. Track your order from the AWS Management Console from the time of order submission through the date when our team arrives for installation.

AWS personnel will install the Outpost at the validated location and configure it to connect to the AWS Region and your local network. An Outpost may comprise of one or more racks connected together at the site.


Once your Outpost has connected to the parent AWS Region, it will automatically appear in the AWS Management Console. You can then launch Amazon EC2 instances and use EBS and or S3 storage as well as other AWS services on Outposts using the same APIs you are familiar with in the AWS Regions. CloudFormation templates and other deployment tools will work as they do today.

Support & maintenance

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service. You do not have to manage any updates to your Outpost, and will be able to deploy applications just as you do in AWS Regions today.

To order an Outpost, you need to have an Enterprise Support, which offers 24x7 support with a 15-minute first response time for business-critical outages. If we identify an underlying hardware issue, we will notify you and AWS will have technicians and new components on site within 2 business days after you approve the replacement request.

At the end of your purchase term you have the option to renew your purchase term or schedule a retrieval window. AWS personnel will visit your site and remove the Outpost equipment.

Upgrading Outposts

As new instances become available in the AWS Region, they will also be available to order in your Outpost.

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