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Metrics are foundational to SaaS. As your pour tenants into a multi-tenant environment, you must have your finger on the pulse of how tenants are using your system, how they're consuming resources, which features they're using, how they are impacting cost, and how quickly new customers are achieving value. These are amongst a few samples of the many metrics-driven decisions that are fundamental to the business, operational, architectural, and agility goals of SaaS providers. In this webinar, we will explore common SaaS metrics, how they captured and aggregated, and how they are frequently applied across a SaaS business. The goal is to blend the technical and business importance of metrics and illustrate how these metrics can be instrumented into your SaaS environment.

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As software-as-a-service (SaaS) organizations grow and begin to extend their global reach, they must consider how their larger geographic footprint will shape and influence the architecture of their systems. Operations, deployment, agility, security, and scale can all be impacted by the move to a geographically distributed SaaS model. This move to a multi-region model often represents a major shift for SaaS organizations. The more complexity that is added to a system’s operational and deployment profile, the more challenging it becomes to maintain the agility goals that are often associated SaaS delivery models. In this webinar, we’ll review the challenges that come with multi-region SaaS and highlight strategies that are employed to address the compliance, agility, and customer experience needs of multi-region SaaS environments.

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Developers face a number of performance and scaling challenges when it comes to partitioning multi-tenant data. This is especially true with technologies that rely on an instance to manage the activity of multiple tenants. Sizing these instance is difficult at best and often requires over-provisioning. The introduction of Amazon Aurora Serverless directly targets this challenge, providing SaaS developers with a way to bring to power and cost profile of serverless to the universe of multi-tenant storage. In this webinar, we'll explore the fundamentals of the Amazon Aurora Serverless architecture and outline how this service directly addresses some of the core challenges of managing multi-tenant data.

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AWS PrivateLink presents new opportunities for SaaS providers. It creates new, more compliant models for integrating with a SaaS provider. It also creates more seamless options for publishing your application and automating these integrations. AWS PrivateLink can also impact the models you might use for managing environment where tenants reside separate VPCs. The goal of this webinar is to explore the technical footprint of PrivateLink and connect this to the various patterns and strategies that are being used SaaS providers to simplify the integration story for their solution internally and externally. this webinar we'll look at how these solutions are designed and delivered as part of SaaS solutions on AWS. We'll use this time to review the technical details of these patterns and outline how AWS PrivateLink can impact the performance and security footprint of your SaaS environment.

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