If you need to send important or time-sensitive information to the users of your mobile apps, it's hard to beat mobile push notifications. Push notifications are one of the most affordable ways to reach customers around the world and across a wide variety of devices. Your customers don't even have to be using your app in order to receive mobile push notifications.

Amazon Pinpoint users can send up to one million push notifications each month for free.

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Target up to 5,000 users, track up to 100 million mobile application events, and send up to 1 million push messages per month at no charge.

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Amazon Pinpoint connects to the leading notification services, including Apple Push Notification service (APNs), Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Baidu, and Amazon Device Messaging (ADM). By using these services, you can send both transactional and targeted push notifications to recipients around the world, and across a wide variety of devices.


Amazon Pinpoint is built on Amazon’s proven network infrastructure and datacenters. We focus on ensuring uptime and availability so that you can focus on delighting your customers.


Amazon Pinpoint is designed to meet the demands of the world’s largest messaging use cases. Whether you’re a two-person startup that sends hundreds of messages a day, or an enterprise that sends hundreds of messages a second, Amazon Pinpoint can support your push messaging requirements.


Marketers and business users can use Amazon Pinpoint's web-based console to send push notifications without writing a single line of code. Developers can use the Pinpoint REST API or an AWS SDK to build Amazon Pinpoint functionality into their applications.


With Amazon Pinpoint, you can create highly targeted customer segments based on behavioral, demographic, or custom attributes. You can also use Pinpoint's campaign management tools to set up recurring, automatic marketing campaigns based on end-user actions.


Send up to a million push notifications each month at no charge, and pay only USD $1.00 for every million messages you send after that. You only pay for what you use—there are no up-front fees and no minimum charges. For more information, see our Pricing page.