amazon connect integration

CallMiner Eureka

Customer engagement analytics for extracting intelligence from your Amazon Connect calls

This Quick Start configures a set of AWS resources to seamlessly integrate CallMiner Eureka with Amazon Connect.

CallMiner Eureka is a cloud-based customer engagement analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your Amazon Connect voice interactions into structured data, and analyzes the data to uncover powerful business insights about your customers and contact center performance.

This integration enables Amazon Connect to send customer interaction data (recordings and call metadata) to Eureka for analysis, using an Amazon Kinesis data stream. Eureka automatically transcribes, categorizes, and scores your customer interactions, to create intelligence at scale that will drive better customer experience, improved contact center efficiency, and increased sales and revenue collection, and to help reduce regulatory and legal risk. In addition, Eureka automatically redacts your call recordings and transcripts to maintain Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. CallMiner Eureka is available in both Enterprise and Starter editions to best fit your business needs. Features include:

  • Free-form search
  • Organic discovery
  • Call player and detailed contact review
  • Automated call classification and scoring (Enterprise only)
  • Customer journey mapping (Enterprise only)
  • Agent performance analysis and data visualization (Enterprise only)

For more information about the Eureka platform, see the CallMiner website.

CallMiner Eureka - Amazon Connect integration

This Quick Start was developed by CallMiner in collaboration with AWS.
CallMiner is an APN Partner.

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  •  To add CallMiner Eureka to Amazon Connect
  • Step 1 Sign up for an AWS account, if you don't already have one.

    Getting an account will automatically sign you up for Amazon Connect and all other AWS services.
    Step 2 Create a new Amazon Connect instance for the integration, or use an existing instance.
    Step 3 Get a subscription to CallMiner Eureka Starter or Enterprise edition.
    Step 4 Configure and deploy the integration.

    Follow the steps in the CallMiner documentation to complete configuration tasks for your Amazon Connect instance and Amazon Kinesis. To deploy the integration, use the customized launch link that you will receive in email from CallMiner.

    Amazon Connect integrations are currently supported in the US East (N. Virginia) Region only.

    Amazon may share user-deployment information with the AWS Partner that collaborated with AWS on this solution.  

    You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services and partner solutions used while running this Amazon Connect integration.

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  • This Quick Start reference deployment is related to a solution featured in Solution Space that includes a solution brief, optional consulting offers crafted by AWS Competency Partners, and AWS co-investment in proof-of-concept (PoC) projects. To learn more about these resources, visit Solution Space.