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Step 1

Sign up for an AWS account, if you don't already have one.

Getting an account will automatically sign you up for Amazon Connect and all other AWS services.

Step 2 Get a subscription to SpiceCSM.
Step 3 Create a new Amazon Connect instance for the integration, or use an existing instance.
Step 4

Deploy the integration.

Launch the AWS CloudFormation template that performs the integration. Deployment takes just a few minutes. Amazon Connect integrations are currently supported in the US East (N. Virginia) Region only. 

Step 5

Configure the integration.

Follow the steps in the SpiceCSM documentation to complete configuration tasks.

You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services and partner solutions used while running this Amazon Connect integration.

This integration was created by AWS in partnership with SpiceCSM. For more information about the SpiceCSM platform, see the SpiceCSM website. For source code, see the GitHub repository.

This integration automatically deploys an AWS Lamba function that enables Amazon Connect to communicate with SpiceCSM automated processes.

SpiceCSM provides the Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) platform, which connects disparate systems, people, and processes, and orchestrates interactions to improve the customer experience. 

This integration of SpiceCSM with Amazon Connect provides an end-to-end contact center solution. With SpiceCSM’s ability to integrate with any disparate system, data can be fed to Amazon Connect and read back to the caller via automated processes defined in SpiceCSM’s workflow engine. Through these processes the caller can easily engage with live agents without breaking the contact flow.

The benefits of the integration include:

- Intelligence: Complex logic and routing, and integration of any data source into the contact flow

- Unified interface: Fully integrated Amazon Connect softphone, CRM, workflow, and data sources in one agent view

- Ease of use: Low-code to no-code development of integrations, workflows, and intelligent automation